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Career Day hosted by Ekya, ITPL on 23rd November got off to an amazing start with a panel discussion. The panel consisted of three eminent personalities who captivated the audience with deep insights into the working field. Through the discussions, students were able to understand the nuances that helped the panelists find their success.

The first panelist was Mr. Amar Nagaram, CEO of Myntra and Jabong. The second panelist is Mr. Indra Kumar, GM- Strategies and New Initiatives at Wipro GE healthcare. The third panelist is a Retd. General Dr. Nawaz Sharif (Chief Veterinarian at People for Animals Bangalore he served in the Indian Army for 33 years.

The discussion began with the three panelists explaining their idea of success and what it means to them. Dr. Nawaz Sharif asked the students a simple question- What do you believe in? What makes you happy? He says, when you pursue it, that is what makes you successful. Mr. Indra Kumar explained how gaining the trust of his fellow workers in the professional field and others in his personal life defined success for him. Mr. Amar Nagaram shared a different approach. He said that even when our path isn’t defined, finding purpose in whatever we do brings us success.The conversation continued to more detailed topics that covered the everyday schedules, the most challenging obstacles, and lessons from school days that were most beneficial. A point that each of them stressed on was the practice of continuous learning even in a work space. Dr. Nawaz Sharif spoke about how change is inevitable and the only way to move forward is by keeping up with it. This is possible when we ask questions and choose to have an adventurous career. For him, it was possible by joining the army and pushing his abilities to their limits. As a veterinarian who helps to protect and preserve wildlife today, his biggest challenge lies in learning new technology. Mr.Indra Kumar talked about the necessity of being an incessant learner. He shared an inspiring quote from a book that said- ‘Learning is the only investment that never fails’. We never know when we will find the opportunity to put our knowledge into practice. Mr.Amar Nagaram shared a childhood anecdote to explain what led him to develop an inquisitive mindset. He believes all it takes is the courage to stand up and ask ‘Why?’

One of the eye-openers for him was his conversation with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadela who told him that one of the radical changes in his colleagues came from the shift in perspective from ‘know it all’ to ‘learn it all’. Mr.  Nagaram believes that with the rising tide of technology today, the challenge lies in learning faster than machines. The audience participated actively in the discussion by pouring in their questions. The question that students were eager to dissect was one about failures and the best ways to deal with them. All panellists asserted that failure is the inevitable part of trying to achieve a goal. It is about how one looks at failure that determines how they move ahead. Mr. Indra Kumar and Mr. Amar Nagaram proved with personal examples that the career that someone chooses to take isn’t rigid and fixed. There will be ups and downs along the way and that is completely normal. A working individual will continue to have reservations and fears no matter how high up the ladder they go. Mr. Nagaram explained it simply – No mistakes means there is no trying and no trying means there will be no progress. Another question that was on students’ minds, was that about discipline and planning. The panellists agreed that while it isn’t possible to know what lies in the future, it is possible to determine what we do about our passion today. 

Discipline is what helps us transform our passion into profession. Selecting a profession starts with understanding the work options available in the market.There are so many opportunities to observe and assess that allow youngsters to get a first-hand experience way before they start working. The panel discussion came to a close with the three panelists sharing their final thoughts and advice with the audience. Dr. Nawaz Sharif said that he would ask nothing from the students but for them to follow their dreams by being disciplined and persevering. Mr.Indra Kumar emphasized on enjoying life by focusing on what makes us happy and then giving it our best. Mr. Amar Nagaram urged the student community to have a good network of people and develop a habit of reading. The first step towards a successful career is selecting the university where students can find their balance between studies and hobbies.


 On the 23rd of November Ekya, ITPL observed Career Day. As a first step towards choosing the right institute for higher education, a college booth was set up on campus by CMRIT to help parents and students understand the different degrees and courses available.The volunteers from CMR Institute of Technology explained the wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs that students can select from. At CMRIT, students have an opportunity to learn and enhance their skills in the fields of art, technology, architecture, humanities, management and more. These programs are structured to ensure well-rounded development of their students. They not only cover lessons related to the chosen field but also allow the students to develop an interest in extracurricular activities. From fine arts club and debating societies to sports clubs and social impact clubs, students can pursue their passion while honing skills like leadership and teamwork. A huge advantage of the courses at CMRIT is the weekly guest lectures from experts in corporate sectors. These lectures not only enable the students to identify the requirements in the work field but also allows people from the industry to acquaint themselves with the up and coming workforce. These lectures help students gain familiarity with real work environments and build professional competence.

Among the offered degree courses, those in art and engineering received an enthusiastic response from parents. Legal studies was also a popular choice. The booth for MakerSpace events helped gain a positive review for architectural programs. All in all, the college booth proved to be a great way for students and parents to take a step towards further education.

The volunteers provided useful insights into the programs and degrees that students can pursue, for a smooth transition into the working space. Ashoka University also had a booth with various course options. Students got an opportunity to interact with their assistant director.

Parent workshop

Parents yearn for their children to find happiness and success in life, and one factor which influences that is their career choice. The role of parents in helping their children decide which career suits them the best is extremely integral. At career day Ekya ITPL organized a parent workshop to help them pave the path for their children and assist them in achieving their dream goals.

The workshop provided the parents with a clear explanation about the career options available and how to determine which one would be the best for their children. Parents were advised to make their children take 3 tests which enabled them to analyse the child and direct them to the right career. Based on the results attained in the tests, career counselling was to be done, hastening and simplifying the process decision making. 

Parents were informed not to be an obstruction to their children’s experimentation and exploration, and never to clip their wings. Foremost, the ones who nurture us create the most impact on us, and so, a very crucial decision such as choosing the right career is greatly influenced by our parents.

The parents were immensely satisfied by the workshop and several parents have signed up for the tests to support their children in every way possible. We look forward to watching our students choose the right career paths and creating a bright future by taking on the world.

Student Workshop

Medicine Workshop – An insight into careers in the medical field

The workshop for opportunities as a practicing doctor was conducted by Dr. Gurudutt, who is a doctor specializing in pediatric ICU care. He commenced the talk with a brief account of his journey as an aspiring doctor to a senior doctor in charge of 2 Intensive Care Units. He elaborated on the much debated topic of affordable healthcare in India and stressed on the need to administer the right drugs in required quantities. Dr. Gurudutt brought home the idea that asking questions is a much valued quality in aspiring and new doctors. He explained that a physician must have the ability to approach suitable specialists when in doubt. Most of all, Dr. Gurudutt spoke about the nobleness of the profession, as well as the humbleness and satisfaction that saving a life brings. He also asked the students to keep in mind the sacrifices that come with the responsibility of being a practicing doctor. The Q & A session was filled with inquisitive questions that included daily schedules and detailed differences between treating adults and children. The workshop came to a close having provided a great deal of insight into the world of practicing physicians. 

HR Workshop -Important characteristics and achievements companies look for in potential candidates.How does one convert passion into profession? How do you find happiness in your work? These are some of the questions that were answered by Ms. Brishty Srivastava in her session on Talent Acquisition. Ms. Brishty has served in HR for several years and has gained experience in a wide variety of fields. Her workshop was focused on helping students understand how they can find the profession that is right for them. She described a simple exercise that enables people to stay updated with their skills and interests. She believes a regular examination of what one likes, what skills they possess and how they can earn a profit with that skill, keeps regular work from being monotonous and dreary. She spoke about the duties that an earning individual takes up when growing up. 

To explain some basic requirements that come to attention, she used Maslow’s pyramid to provide a visual description of her topic.An important part of Ms. Brishty’s workshop focused on how to find first-hand experience of the field students wished to work in. She gave several examples to explain the opportunities that students could keep an eye out for, to gain an introspective look in their chosen field. Through her session, Ms. Brishty demonstrated how as a working individual, students could make their profession a fun learning experience every day and contribute their best to society.






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