Hey everyone! I decided to give my critical point of view on an anime. Most of you might be wondering what an anime is, right? Well, Anime is a style of Japanese film or show which is hand-drawn and animated in the computer originating from Japan typically aimed at both adults and children. It isn’t a common form of entertainment for people of other countries, but it is a very important part of the animation and television industry of Japan.

The anime I have decided to write about is ‘Naruto’, which is a manga as well as an anime. It was released in 2002 and concluded in 2007.


                                                                           – Uzumaki Naruto     

‘Naruto’ revolves around the life of a young, hyperactive, and mischievous boy named Naruto Uzumaki. He is the son of the previous Hokage of a village named Konoha which was formed a hundred years ago. He was believed to be an outcast by the people of his village as he was assumed to be a monster because a demon fox resided in his body. His parents, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki died on the same day as he was born due to the release of a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox which also destroyed the entire village massacring the innocent lives of people. The same demon was sealed off into Naruto’s body by his father to prevent further damage after which he departed. People assumed Naruto to be the cause of all the death and destruction caused and avoided him at all costs. They were unaware of his parents’ identity. Children were not allowed to play with him, so he spent a childhood filled with desolation and despondency. 

Though he was resented by the society, the Hokage at that time admitted Naruto to an academy where children of the same age started off with their ninja[1]  training coupled with studies. There he faced a tough time as people would not come near him at all, and people bullied him and even asked him to do certain illegal activities to be his friend in return, and Naruto did do it as he was desperate for a companion, which is totally expected and understandable. But there was just one boy who never went along with the common thoughts of people. He made friends with Naruto and even helped him make new friends. His name was Shikamaru Nara, and he proved to be an amazing, reliable friend of Naruto for many years and he can be considered as “Naruto’s backbone”. Naruto also found his rival there, an arrogant boy named Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto was part of a team that included his rival, Sasuke Uchiha, a girl named Sakura Haruno with Kakashi Hatake being their sensei. This anime has a beautiful plot with a lot of history and its timelessness is what makes it all the more beautiful.

The one thing I like about this spectacular story is character development. Naruto wasn’t born a genius or a talented ninja, he was unskilled and disrespected by most of the people of his village, yet he overcame a lot of hardships and ended up as one of the strongest ninjas in the world. When he was a child, he was a troublemaker as he wanted all the attention, but as he grew up, he turned out to be a very respected and wise person. His life goal was to surpass the previous Hokage and become one himself, and the audience got to see how the little boy grew up to live his dream. At the beginning of the Naruto anime, Naruto is portrayed as a monster by marking his entry with eerie music and grim background pictures, but in the end, his entry is portrayed as a grand celebration with the flourish of trumpets.

Second thing the anime taught me is the importance of friendship. The anime beautifully shows us how friendship is the best kind of relationship between people.It teaches us many other valuable life lessons like team work, dedication and believing in oneself. Actually, I think the most important thing the author is trying to show all of us through just one character is that criticisms should never affect our aspirations and one should always believe in themselves. Naruto was told by almost everybody of his village that he will never become a hokage as he is irresponsible, impotent and unskilled. Did he let all this dirt fall on his ambition and life goal? NO! He told them to wait and watch with a confident smile, and proved each one of them wrong. I think it is overall an amazing accomplishment by the author to portray so many messages in one story which inspires each one of us in various ways. “Naruto” also has a lot of backstory, and the history and connections between different characters are in the most interesting way, which made me take interest in history generally as I thought establishing links between different people can be an important part of our lives. Wholly, I would like to say the anime taught me a lot of life lessons and has alerted me to be prepared for anything, and to always believe in myself and my dreams!

By Rhea Murali

Grade 10A, Ekya School JP Nagar

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