Here we have the story of ‘Academics and Co-curricular activity’ –  similar to “what came first-  The chicken or the egg?”  but with a difference- this one shall be decisive!!

Academics are the backbone of learning,  the base of knowledge upon which life gets structured whereas co-curricular activity; whether it is dramatics, debating or art gives one the ability to convey and articulate the knowledge. Singing and Painting have been the best medicine to break down boredom and give wings to the imagination which is the need of the hour!!!

Now, where do we draw the line and balance Academics Vis-a- vis co-curricular Activities?

I would say put the spices, salt, and pepper to make the dish tasteful without overdoing to spoil the dish!

These two are not different from kite flying. Yes, you heard it right “ KITE FLYING”.  Academics is the basic body, the kite, that needs to be built with a lot of precision and hard work to create an uncompromising, non-negotiable structure. Having created a structure, now it’s time to put it where it needs to be and the thread, the co-curricular activity, is the means to soar the kite right up in the sky. This is the time to not just see the kite flying high but to recognize, nurture, and appreciate the thread that holds the kite up and all the way in its entire flying journey.

While we all enjoy the trampoline, it is the spring, the co-curricular activity that gives the push to make the ride enjoyable. Let us grab the co-curricular activities with both hands, with the widest smile possible, to retain that joy in our lives forever!!

Next time you watch someone’s Kite Flying, check the strength of the thread!!!

By Chitra Venkateswaran

Co-curricular Coordinator – Ekya ITPL

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