At Ekya, we are constantly striving to deliver best of education to our community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers. Our efforts are well appreciated by our students, parents and alumni who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on our school, curriculum and teaching methodologies.


    Mr. Bhaskar Kiron Vedantam
    Parent, E3 Juniors

    "We wanted to place on record our sincere thanks and gratitude to Ekya and Ekya’s teaching staff of JP Nagar for the positive impact we see in our daughter Anika Kiron Vedantam (E3 Juniors) since she joined Ekya. Anika’s verbal communication showed significant improvement in diction, sentence formation, and clarity. We see her more sharply focused on the things she is working on. We also noticed that she applies herself to tasks at hand a lot more steadily. We feel so happy to see her grow so fast to be a girl who is confident about her abilities and ideas."

    Mr & Mrs. Sandeep Subbakrishna
    Parent, Montessori Sub-Junior

    "We would like to express our happiness and gratitude to EKYA school and all its core team members for doing a commendable job in managing to conduct the online classes for our little ones in these uncertainties and making sure that our children would not have to miss their learning due to the pandemic.

    Firstly the school has done a great job in organizing the classes through the Schoology app and from the first day of school they have ensured a seamless learning experience for our child and its user-friendly features make it easier for us to connect to all the sessions without any hassles.

    Most importantly we would like to thank Sanjita ma'am for her incredible amount of patience and her unique way of connecting with my child to help her get accustomed to the new way of schooling at this very young age. We were very apprehensive about the online classes for our daughter as we felt she was too young and if she would be willing to sit through the classes. But Sanjita ma'am instilled confidence in us and she got our daughter to enjoy and connect with the classes.

    We can vouch for the growth in our child concerning her conduct and vocabulary skills due to the efforts and unique way of teaching and curriculum. Each child is given equal attention concerning their age and learning abilities. Sanjita Ma'am has put in additional efforts to connect through one on one sessions to help the child adjust to the virtual interaction and follow what has been taught in the class.

    Today our child - Kiara Sandeep enjoys attending school even though it is only virtual at this stage and looks forward to meeting her teacher and her friends soon in the physical school. We are eager to meet the teachers and other parents in person which would have been possible by now if not for the pandemic."

    Ms. Priya Venkat
    Parent, Grade 4

    " "We have been with Ekya JP Nagar for 6 years. I am extremely happy with the school and would highly recommend it for 3 reasons. Firstly, the academic advantage - the curriculum followed by the school is an amalgamation of ICSE and IGCSE board. The topics taught to younger classes focus more on concepts than memory aids. I have noticed that as early as Grade 4 students are exposed to a wide range of topics at an introductory level. Secondly, the attitude of the staff, teachers, and support staff alike. The enthusiasm of the teachers is exemplary. Not only are their teaching methods interesting, but they also collect detailed feedback on the pupils, their strengths and unique abilities, and how to improve them. Thirdly, we are pleasantly surprised with the way Ekya handled the Covid situation. The online classes were neatly planned, the links given to students were seamless with no place for confusion, homework distributed and collected on time, and tests conducted on schedule. We are very happy to be with Ekya!"

    Ms. Shruthi Gautam
    Parent, Grade 3

    "My son is in Grade 3 at Ekya JP Nagar, and he simply loves to go to school. He has been studying here since Montessori and there has never been a single day where he is being cranky to go to school. That shows how much effort is being put right from the beginning to make kids enjoy their stay at school. Academics wise as well, I am very happy. Maths and English especially are being taught very systematically. He simply loves reading novels and books. Many thanks to Ekya for their continued hard work and focus."

    Ms. Pavitra Gangatkar

    "I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the teachers of the school and transformed the learning curriculum into an online mode.
    I would like to mention that we are pleased with the way our kids are learning under Ms. Swalika Malik who is very comfortable yet firm with kids. I would also like to mention Ms. Shanthi Shetty and Ms. Swetha who are putting their best efforts into making learning fun and enjoyable even if it's online!"

    Kiran Subba Rao
    Parent of Ekya student

    "Ekya JPN has been a great experience and has offered an amazing set of academic and co-curricular opportunities to our daughter throughout her stay in Ekya. The school definitely helped shape her personality through a well rounded curriculum and coaching. A huge thank you and gratitude to the teachers and staff for their commitment, encouragement and mentorship of the children of Ekya! - Proud parents..."

    Ms. Vidya Santhanam
    Parent of Grade 3 Ekya student

    "Thank you very much for all the efforts for getting the community of parents, kids, and teachers together. What I admire about Ekya is the warmth of the teachers and true affection towards the welfare of the children. The events were well thought through, time-bound and well-conducted. "