Service learning helps students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and empathy and respect for others.

    Service learning is important to Ekya as it helps our students identify themselves as part of the community and pick up on civic engagement skills. Apart from the opportunities to work with diverse members from the community, service learning is a teaching and learning potential that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and a program to teach civic responsibility.

    At Ekya, students participate in newspaper drives organized annually with all efforts directed towards charity. Students also prepare various handicraft items and food items for the fundraiser stalls. Proceeds from the fundraisers is used to support the education of the girl child in the facility of Calvary Chapel Trust.

    Giving back to the community is at the heart of Ekya’s service learning. Service Learning at Ekya also includes the Ekya CARES Program which stands for Ekya Creativity, Action, Research, Empathy and Sustainability. The program immerses students into real world issues, and challenges and inspires them to find solutions.

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