Results 2019-2020
    We proudly applaud all the toppers of Grade 10 – ICSE.Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

    Our School topper is Jahnavi Rajesh with 98% and centum in History & Civics, Geography, and Computer Applications. The other toppers are Prasidh Pradeep with 97.17% and centum in History & Civics, Geography, and Computer Applications, Akash Chinni with 96.83%, Vaishnavi R. with 96%, and centum in History & Civics, Geography and Aryan Kashyap Naveen with 96%. Sushant R. Naik secured centum in History & Civics, Geography, and Computer Applications with an aggregate percentage of 95.5%.


    Students of Ekya JP Nagar excelled with impressive results in their Grade X board exams, rounding up the successful academic year of 2018-2019. Congratulations to all our toppers for their remarkable performances.


    Clash of Pi Competition

    Rishikesh KM secures Rank 16 at the Clash of Pi competition – We are proud to announce that Rishikesh KM of Grade 5 secured All India Rank 16 in the recently concluded 2019-20 circuit. Congratulations and well done.

    CREST Science Olympiad

    Nivaan Haluvaagilu secures International Rank 1 at Crest Science Olympiad: We are extremely proud to announce that our Montessori Senior student, Nivaan Haluvaagilu has secured the International Rank 1 in the Science Olympiad in the recently conducted CREST Science Olympiad.

    Bebras India Challenge 2019

    The 2019 Bebras India Challenge was held from 18th – 30th November. The Bebras challenges are made of a set of short problems called Bebras tasks. The tasks are fun, engaging, and based on problems that Computer Scientists enjoy solving. The tasks require logical thinking and can be solved without prior knowledge of computational thinking.

    Among the students who took part in this challenge from Ekya School, JP Nagar Campus, 4 students got National Level Ranks.
    Shresta Parthiban and Sreemayi Ramesh – First Runner-Up in India, Ayaan Agarwal – Second Runner-Up in India, and Mandhaar Kumar P R – Second Runner-Up in India.

    Bebras India Challenge

    Results 2018-19

    Our School topper is Vibhanshu Bhagat with 97.17% and centum in History & Civics and Computer Application.

    Our School topper is Vibhanshu Bhagat with 97.17% and centum in History & Civics, Ananya Milak with 94.83% and a centum in Computer Applications, Sharvari Ramesh with 94.67%, and Diya Anil Kumar with 94.33% and a centum in History & Civics




    Results (2017-18)

    Devaamsh Rajesh has topped the school with 97.2%, scoring a centum in Mathematics; Achyuta Nandakumar standing second with 95.7%

    For the academic year 2017-2018, 22 students appeared for the ICSE Grade X Examinations

    • Number of Distinctions (>90%): 41%
    • Batch Average: 85%





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