All the world’s a stage! I bet you have heard this famous line of the great playwright William Shakespeare. Often I hear people say that theatre is boring and what’s so special about it but my dear friend, theatre is so much more than just memorizing a few lines here and there or wearing fancy costumes. Theatre a place of wonder and magic where you can be a whole new person! You can meet new friends and even become famous. Theatre has always had a spark in people. In the 1560’s it was a very scary thing to be a playwright or even an actor because if the audience didn’t like you or the play well you would get a nasty rotten tomato in your face and you would have been laughed off the stage yet there still were dreamers, like young Shakespeare. 

Many people laughed at the idea of him being a playwright because why would the son of a wealthy glove maker want to throw away all his money and a stable career for the most unstable career! But young Shakespeare wouldn’t give up because once his father died Shakespeare went to fulfill his dream. People were amazed at the fact that Shakespeare was a great playwright, in fact, he was so great that we still remember him over the centuries! Some of his famous plays are Hamlet(the most famous of them all), Romeo and Juliet and of course Macbeth! Shakespeare’s plays also have reason to believe that they are actually magical! The reason it is is because if you ever go to a theatre and say the word “Macbeth” it automatically lays a curse on the production because this all started in 1606 when an actor who was playing the role of Lady Macbeth died all of a sudden thus forcing Shakespeare himself to replace the actor! Now Shakespeare isn’t the only famous playwright there was Ben Jonson, Thomas Dekker, and William Rowley! So is theatre interesting or not interesting? that’s the question. So why don’t you decide? 

Anika Nitin Katare,

Grade 9 IGCSE, Ekya JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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