Tips to be Organized 

Let me start by telling you that you will find this article extremely useful and relevant. I have been practicing whatever I am suggesting in this article. I am Thrayee Radhakrishnan, studying in seventh grade and I love being organized. All my things are organized; from closets to pens to my day-to-day activities. Let me help you stay organized. Your study life mostly includes your study table. So, Let’s start organizing that. 

Organize the supplies that you need several times a day

The first step is to collect all the pens you have on your table and then separate them into groups like pens that work, pens that do not work, sketch pens, brush pens, fine liners, ball pens, and gel pens. Organizing each of them into containers and arranging them neatly on your table is just a wonderful way to organize your pens. Your study table will look fantastic and colorful. Now that schooling is online, make sure that your textbooks and notebooks are handy. Make enough space for your device and space for you to take notes. This makes you motivated to study and learn. 

Organize the other stationery supplies 

You can organize your paper clips, post-its, stapler pins, and other small stationery items in a divided container. This way accessibility is faster and easier. This may give your table a very organized and wonderful look.    

Reuse from discard. 

Yes, We shouldn’t spend too much money on any decor or organizers for the study table. Creating your organizers from waste containers and wrappers ensures responsibility to the environment while saving money. Creating and organizing your table space and content, all by yourself, gives you a sense of achievement and ownership of the space. 


Prepare a TODO list daily so that you don’t forget your tasks. It’s a good habit to track your daily activities rather than depending on your parents to remind you.

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