What exactly is the festival of holi? This fascinating feast, also known as the ‘festival of colours’, is celebrated by the enthusiastic Hindus in the month of March. Eagerly awaited each year, the festivity is all about celebrating joy and wonder with family and friends. It is a time to forget all our troubles and enjoy the moment with our loved ones.

This holiday is one of my genuine favourites, where I could spend time with my cousins that I never usually see often. They would always come over to my house early in the morning, shaking with excitement about the festival taking place. We would eat our delicious aromatic breakfasts, made by all the aunties and grandmas, as quick as we could. The adults were most probably annoyed by our excitement, and they would tell us to quiet down and sit.

Our gigantic group of family and friends would go outside once the evening came around, dressed in complete white, like empty canvases waiting to be painted, and armed with many equipment. Finally the time, so longly awaited, came. Everyone would grab the nearest weapon they could find, like a water gun or a fistful of colorful dye, and start attacking. My cousins and I would separate from the grown ups, having our own little rainbow war.

After an hour or two of the battle, with many fallen soldiers covered in rainbows, which were most of the adults, and brave ones still standing, like my proud self and my friends and cousins, we were told to come inside to wash up.

My cousins would stay over after everyone left, exhausted but happy, to spend the night with me. A fun sleepover at my house began once the night fell. Although we were utterly exhausted, we still stayed up, talking and laughing about the day’s events.

Even if I moved away from my cousins and relatives, I will still forever cherish the fun moments I had with them. Despite the fact that the tradition has fallen, Holi is still one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my loved ones.

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