Ruan locks – donating hair to cancer patients

Hello everyone! My name is Ruan. I am in 7th grade.

With the world changing almost overnight due to Covid in December 2019, we all knew that physical school had shut in March 2020. Barber shops were shut too. My first haircut during lockdown was funky and styled in layers by none other than my mother at home.

Soon after I wanted to try something different. I wanted to sport long hair like my hero, M S Dhoni. My mother was comfortable with the idea and allowed me to have my way of nurturing and caring for it week after week, day after day. As the results started showing she introduced me to the world of cancer patients in need of hair donations. She asked me to consider donating to a noble cause at the end of my journey with my style statement. My mother, Ar. Roopa Roy channelizes donations of refurbished woodwork to various under-privileged organizations through her work. Following in her footsteps came naturally to me in my way.

Cancer patients lose hair during the radiation therapy process which takes a long while to grow back only after the treatment is complete. Hair donation facilitates making wigs for such people helping them look and feel more normal and acceptable in our judgemental society. It boosts their self-esteem.

However, donating hair is not as simple as it sounds.

  • Donation hair needs to be a minimum of 6 inches long and a maximum of 15 inches long.

  • Donation hair should be free from exposure to any chemicals through hair coloring, perming, or any other hair styling sources

  • Furthermore while cutting the hair for donation it should be kept in mind and taken care to not fall or touch the ground. It should be collected in a cotton cloth bag, placed in a zip-lock pouch, and then sent to a specific organization dealing with the making of wigs for the purpose.

It’s time now to bid adieu to my long locks as I shall be back to physical school next week. I feel humbled to be able to contribute to a noble cause. I’m excited, it feels great! For girls probably it is easier to do this, but as a boy, I’ve had to answer a lot of questions. My mother has faced trolls of being too lenient or spoiling me with such freedom or style precedents at such a young age. She has faced them with panache every single time!  I urge you to do something that makes a difference to the world, to mankind. To be kind enough quietly, strong enough mentally to make that difference count.

Last week I visited the school to prepare for the academic year ahead. Yet on knowing the reason she was all praise. I’d thus like to take the opportunity to thank Madhuri ma’am and Asha Ma’am for encouraging me to share this with you. Thank you!

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