Projects can be interesting!

Blog by Prerana Moolchandani, Grade IX A

Ekya School JP Nagar.

Usually, projects are learning experiences that engage us with research and analysis, supplementing the lessons we learn in our subject areas. These activities help us develop our imaginative and creative side too. It, however, needs a lot of patience and time for completion.  Some of us get engrossed in them, while some of us find them to be a burden.

I usually like spending my spare time doing something other than “projects” but my perspectives on projects changed after the project “Meme Creation”. This project was initiated by our social science teacher, Ms. Rupjyoti.

“ Meme creation” was a project whose objective was to help us develop our creativity as well as relate history to current times. This project also served as a medium to explore a topic related to our academics in detail and learn new aspects of it which gave us a better understanding of the topic. We were allowed to choose any topic from our history and civics chapters and present it humorously.

I am a very patriotic person, and therefore I believe that it is my duty to know about our country, its laws, and the constitution. Not just for academic benefit but also out of curiosity, I like studying civics. Hence, I chose the chapter “ fundamental rights and duties.” from civics, blended history into it, and created a “meme” out of it.

My interest in environmental science and ecology made me research the amount of pollution in our country and I discovered that the Taj Mahal in Agra will turn yellow soon due to acid rain and pollution. This persuaded and encouraged me to bring out the issue of pollution sarcastically and hence I chose this topic. Enclosed is the meme I created. Shah Jahan is truly upset that his masterpiece is under threat!!! Spotlighting and emphasizing such topics is important; what better way than humor to create awareness of our fundamental duties towards the environment.

I also enjoyed observing the memes curated by my peers. I must admit that their work highlights their individuality and brings out their insightful nature which excites me to interact with them. Some of my peers chose topics within modern history and the British era, while some of them explored topics related to traditional Indian culture and composite culture. Some liked to emphasize specific personalities like the imperial Mughals or the clever Britishers.

I would like to acknowledge their efforts for this project and make it decidedly, the most fun and memorable project for me.

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