I walked and walked

Through an empty corridor,

Alongside creaking doors,

Was I being stalked?


I shot up at once,

and looked for the light,

Waking my friend,

Who knew I’d had a nightmare, so held my hand

And put me back to bed, giving me the might…


I cycled to school, all pale

Not knowing if I was prepared enough

For the exam would be hard,

Would I pass? Would I fail?


I was dropped at the gates,

By my friend, of course, holding my hand,

Always there, to calm me down,

And who left, as I met my mates…


“Congratulations!” “You did great!”

My teachers and peers, Said after the presentation,

I was flying over the moon,

happiest with my fate


Too proud, I’d been,

You taught me who I was, in a way I understood

Grounded me again, my friend,

Held my hand, said I’d been a little mean…


Cold with the flu,

Shivering all over,

Couldn’t go to school,

My finger-tips were blue


My mother was home,

To look after me but,

she had a lot of work to do, Once more, my friend was there,

To hold my hand, to hug me in a dome…


You’ve been here with me for so many eves,

When the others refused to play,

You brought me to our lawn,

held my hand And played with the leaves…

I’ve looked up to you for everything, dear friend,

About me, you have never been wrong

You’ve held my hand and shown me the way,

You are much more to me than just, A figment of my imagination

Posted by Ekya

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