The main objective of organizing Pet  Day in our Montessori environment is to bring in an awareness and create a sense of responsibility in the minds of our young learners on how we need to love and care for other living beings. 

We had approached a few  animal lovers to bring in their pets and impart their knowledge on how to raise them. Ms.Pallavi and Ms.Nandini got their pet dog and cat and provided information about the food they ate and the kind of care that had to be taken at home. They also shared some funny anecdotes on the positives and negatives of raising a dog and a cat in the same house. 

Not to be left behind, few of our enthusiastic parents sent some lively pets to school to let our learners have a hands- on experience and learning. The children were excited and thrilled to see the animals and observe their movement and behavior. They were enthusiastic to know more about the pets and clarified their doubts. Pet animals such as dog, cat, turtle, birds and fish visited our school today. It was truly a wonderful and knowledgeable experience for our young learners.


Posted by Lakshmi Umesh

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