Our ‘Experts @ Ekya’ program introduces students to a kaleidoscope of ideas outside the classroom. Experts who have made their mark in different fields are invited to share their experiences and talk about their careers. Through the Experts @ Ekya program we want to help our students make responsible career choices in the future.

Through these interactions, students understand that there is a difference between the underlying passion involved in being in a profession that one really likes and one that is forced upon them. Be it writing a story, making advertisements or short films, architecture or any topic of interest, success is the result of the pursuit of excellence, hard work, dedication and commitment.

Our first Guest Speaker for the academic session this year was Dr Ramesh S Reddy. He heads the KGF Dental College. Dr Reddy specializes in Oral and Maxillo facial surgery and Implantology. Educated and trained at Bangalore and Ahmadabad, Dr Reddy has a vast array of experience working in India and abroad. Our honorable guest speaker has been associated with The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (abbreviated as ICOI) as fellow since 2007.

The students were very inquisitive and eager to get all their queries answered. Dr Reddy shed light on the question of taking dentistry as a profession. He explained elaborately what are the various courses that can be taken up, the best colleges around and also how much it would cost to set a dental practice in terms of time and money.Not only did the students learn about human denture but they were interested in knowing about some of the animals too.Here are some of the questions asked by the students:

  • Sutej of grade IV A wanted to know why animals don’t get cavities although they never brush?
  • Devaamsh of grade VIII had a query whether stem-cells can be harvested from teeth?
  • Tamara of grade V wanted to know if we really need any of the wisdom tooth and why are they called so?
  • Krish from grade IV was troubled about the cause of the grey color of the teeth.
  • Sonali of grade IX asked a question about locked jaw.
  • Harshita from grade X wanted to know more about the different types of dental surgeries performed.

The session was very interactive, fun filled and helped every one to learn more. I am sure this was the only time in everyone’s life when they could laugh and talk while the dentist was working!!


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