At Ekya, parents are partners in the growth and development of our students.

At Ekya, we strongly believe that parents are partners in the growth and development of their children. We encourage parents to help their child gain independence through new explorations beyond school. Academic success is collaboratively achieved through one-on-one interactions between teachers and parents. Nutrition and adequate rest are crucial to every child’s academic, physical, mental, emotional and social development, and parents must ensure that their children are receiving the same.

Overall, it is key that parents trust Ekya’s approach and philosophy. We welcome parents who actively encourage the school, its teachers and their child in the journey of learning. Here are a few guidelines for our parent community:

1) Parent-Teachers Meetings: At Ekya, we have an open-door policy for parents to meet with the school leadership, coordinators and teachers, provided prior appointment is taken. Unlike the conventional meetings that take place in groups and on fixed days, parent-teacher meetings at Ekya are objective and personal.

Across the academic calendar, parents are welcomed to schedule appointments and spend time with the teacher, staff or member of the school leadership they wish to meet. We believe that such an arrangement is far more effective for the parent to discuss the progress of the child, to share feedback or address their concerns.

We expect parents to schedule meetings with the respective teachers at least twice a term. Please call our school office and they will be happy to schedule these sessions. You can contact us here.

2) Reach out to us: The School Leadership is available to understand and discuss your concerns. Kindly reach out to us on email at the school email address or in person for any issues.

3) Attendance: Student attendance on all school working days is extremely important. The school does not entertain leave for reasons such as vacation, weddings, festivals, celebrations etc. Leave will be granted only in illness.

4) Keep us informed: We expect parents to keep the school updated on any changes in the child’s record.

5) Verify Information: It has come to our notice that some parents are part of online communities over platforms such as Whatsapp, Google and Facebook wherein many sensitive issues about children and teachers are openly discussed. We strongly discourage such communities wherein the intention of Ekya’s collaborative and open culture is negated. Sometimes, one or two members of these groups spread panic based on false information causing disruption to our students. We request our parents to verify with us immediately, in case of such information.

6) Fees: Schedule for the school fee payment will need to be adhered to. Late fees could invite a penalty, including discontinuation in severe cases.

7) Tuition: As a policy, we discourage external tuition for all our students. In some rare cases, the teachers might specifically recommend it for the student based on requirement or performance.

8) Children and Technology: Digital technologies have become integral to the lives of children, both within school and outside school. We at Ekya believe that these technologies, provided and monitored in the right manner, can stimulate discussion, promote creativity and stimulate awareness of context to promote effective learning. At Ekya, we provide students with a school email ID that is used as a means for constant academic communication through use of certain safe web-based tools for sharing documents, forms, assignments etc. Further, as part routine academic research, students will also be expected to access few resources (articles, videos, images, and blogs) on the web, both at school and back at home.

Given this exposure, it is important that children should have an entitlement to safe technology and internet access at all times. At Ekya, we constantly monitor children’s use of systems and devices within school premises. We have also put in place robust content filters and access restrictions in all systems. Back home, parents are required to monitor children’s usage of technology and enable safe internet surfing by using content filtering software, parental controls on Google Chrome/MAC/Windows and permit only kid-friendly search engines. If parents require any further information on these software/tools that can be enabled at home, they may reach out to the school office.

Click here to read our Internet Safety guide.

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