Student Development Programs

We nourish the understanding of our students with Enrichment Programs to give them the mindset and experience to be well-equipped to excel in the world that lies beyond the school premises.

The Outbound Learning Program is designed to help students make real world connections and evolve into wholesome individuals. Every experience is age-appropriate, carefully curated and meticulously planned around experiential learning, adventure, sustainability and service themes. Explore More

In an ever-changing, unpredictable world, we prioritise student wellbeing by focusing on student’s overall social, emotional, and ethical development. Our aim at the wellbeing team is to ensure every student feels seen, heard, valued, supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential and flourish in their student life Explore More

The Service Learning Program helps students identify as part of the community and develop civic engagement skills. Apart from the opportunities to work with diverse members of the community and fundraising drives, service learning is a teaching and learning potential that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and a program to teach civic responsibility. Explore More

The Work Exposure Programme (WEP) is an opportunity for students to learn about different work areas and develop the understanding required to succeed in those professions. It helps students explore future careers and gain valuable skills and knowledge applicable to all lines of work. Explore More

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