The Ekya Senior School Program equips learners to inquire, care, create solutions to problems in the real world, connect back to the big ideas and communicate.

Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Our Senior School Program is designed to provide a dynamic and enriching educational experience that prepares students for their future academic pursuits and career pathways. We aim to empower students to become independent thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible global citizens.

At Ekya, we offer a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges and inspires students. Our Senior School Program is designed to deepen subject knowledge, foster critical thinking skills, and promote analytical reasoning. We offer a wide range of subjects across various disciplines, allowing students to explore their interests and develop expertise in their chosen areas.

Our experienced faculty members are subject matter experts who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to guiding students through their senior school journey. They provide a stimulating learning environment, encouraging intellectual curiosity and facilitating meaningful discussions. With their expertise and mentorship, students receive personalised attention and support to maximise their potential.

We believe in holistic development and strive to nurture students' social-emotional well-being, character development, and leadership skills. Our Senior School Program emphasises the importance of personal growth, resilience, and ethical values. We provide opportunities for students to engage in community service initiatives, leadership roles, and extracurricular activities to develop a well-rounded personality.

Preparing students for their higher education and future careers is a crucial aspect of our Senior School Program. We offer comprehensive college and career guidance, helping students navigate the college application process, explore different career options, and make informed decisions about their academic and professional pathways. Our counsellors provide individualised support, conducting workshops, organising college fairs, and offering guidance on standardised tests and application requirements.

We focus on equipping students with essential skills that are relevant in the 21st century. Our program emphasises communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and digital literacy. We integrate technology and project-based learning approaches to foster creativity, innovation, and practical application of knowledge.

We provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities to broaden students' horizons and develop their interests and talents. Our Senior School Program offers various clubs, sports teams, cultural activities, and competitions. Students can participate in debates, science fairs, art exhibitions, and leadership conferences, enabling them to explore their passions, develop new skills, and showcase their talents.

At Ekya, we believe in providing an optimal learning environment for our senior school students. Our state-of-the-art facilities include well-equipped laboratories, libraries, technology-enabled classrooms, sports facilities, and performing arts spaces. These resources create a conducive atmosphere for academic pursuits, creativity, and holistic development.

In addition to academic excellence, our Senior School Program also focuses on:

Through the Makery curriculum, we provide students the freedom to fuse various artistic mediums with technological innovation, creating compelling installations, interactive exhibits, and digital artworks that redefine conventional boundaries.

We promote physical fitness, motor skills development, teamwork, and sportsmanship through a well-rounded physical education program. Students participate in various sports and activities, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle through our key strands - Strength & Conditioning and Skills & Sportsmanship.

The curriculum fosters social, emotional, and ethical development by cultivating skills such as self-awareness, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, and resilience, promoting a positive school climate and well-rounded student growth.

Student Life

At Ekya, student life experiences are thoughtfully designed to foster self-discovery, well-being, community engagement, and service. Outbound Learning Trips provide students with real-world experiences for personal growth and teamwork. The Deep Dive Program allows students to explore their passions with expert guidance. Co-curricular activities offer diverse opportunities to nurture talents. Special Days and Event Celebrations promote unity and inclusivity. Additionally, Service Learning Programs instil empathy and a sense of responsibility in students, encouraging them to give back to the community. At Ekya, every initiative is carefully curated and executed to empower students in their journey of finding their place in the world.

Grade Level Curriculum

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