‘There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance.’

                                                                     ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Education is the only way to remove the ignorance Buckminster mentioned. We at Ekya, JP Nagar are determined to remove it in every field, not just academics. Sure, there are plenty of ongoing initiatives towards saving our environment and conserving energy but it simply isn’t enough for only adults to deal with these issues.

The truth is that apart from handling it now, we also have to plan for the future. By properly educating children about the importance of green living, we can help prepare future generations to take care of the environment. Even at a young age, kids can make a marked impact by introducing these values to their families and friends. An easy way to start is by involving students in hands-on activities. By allowing them to see how they can make a difference, we can continue to keep them motivated.

In a bid make a difference and educate children the students of Grade I-B and I C were helped and encouraged to make a solar cooker with materials available at home. This way they got to learn how we can harness solar energy. And here’s the mouth-watering part: they also prepared Bull’s Eye and Lemon Rice!

In fact, hot Lemon Rice was shared with and relished by everyone at school. Now that’s going green the delicious way!

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