Rishika Kini's Parents

    This is Rishika Kini’s parents. Our child has been studying in Ekya School, Byrathi grade 1 since this academic year.

    We moved our child from Montessori learning to Ekya School, Byrathi for grade 1. We had heard about Ekya Schools from a friend of ours and also had seen hoardings of Ekya School, Byrathi as it opened close to where we stay. The curriculum is what attracted us to this school. The school team was helpful in ensuring a smooth admission process.

    The excitement of the new school and the curriculum was shaken when the pandemic hit the state. With no summer camps, our child was at home with both of us working. But to our surprise, Ekya School, Byrathi called us personally to know that our child can enroll in their community connect programmes of her choice and take it from home. For a 6-year-old the way the programmes were conducted was so well planned. A schedule was sent a week ahead, with kids joining across Ekya schools it was a well-organised sight to watch!!

    As the summer holidays came to end, Ekya School, Byrathi was one among the first to send an email out to parents on their academic plan. A parent orientation was held to onboard parents. A learning system was introduced which would be a centralised repository of learning content for the kids.
    6-week programme to onboard the kids to this mode of learning was organised. What a thought!! The 6 weeks turned out as a routine for our child. It’s amazing to see how 6year olds learn on an online platform in a disciplined manner. Post this the kids got easily transitioned into the regular curriculum – With their books to write and the way the teachers make them read, engage them in activities is amazing. To engage the kids better, grade 1 was split with teachers investing their double efforts to ensure a smooth way of teaching for the kids.

    A huge Kudos to the teachers, management and the planning team. Being a 3-year old branch, Ekya school, Byrathi have done the switch in learning mode way better than schools older than 10-15years.

    Online competitions, book nook, community connect programmes in the afternoons, breakfast clubs are some of the events that have been added to the programme which engages our child.

    Our child loves it and she can’t wait to go back to school!!

    We are glad we made this choice!!


    Prudhvi and Suman
    Parents of Veda, Grade 3

    Here is some feedback on the Online Classes. Morning meetings are really refreshing and good way to start the day. Topics picked up in these meetings are really important for children to develop good behaviour. This is session is entertaining and informative.
    Coming to the Curriculum classes, they are going at the right pace. Initially, we were feeling of a rush however now they are in the right pace. Veda is able to pick up the concepts and able to explain them well. We are happy with her progress. The number of kids in the class is the major advantage for Ekya. We could see Active participation of Children and a lot of interaction between Teachers and Children.
    Bi-weekly competitions are interesting.

    We could suggest improvement only in the PA and PE. Probably you can think of regular Zumba, dance or Yoga classes for them.
    Also check the possibilities of having one more class from 2 to 3, so that they can spend time on doing self-assisted homework.
    Online classes look to continue for a longer time, so already start thinking of online exercises for the topics covered in Curriculum.


    Miriam Korula
    Parent of Claire Jacob & Nicole Jacob

    The lockdown and the announcement of online classes could not have been anticipated. As parents, we had a hard time getting used to the idea in the beginning. But the actual experience has been nothing but positive for us. My daughters really enjoy the class and the format it is presented in.

    The younger kids have been introduced into the online curriculum with a lot of planning and the classes have been introduced in phases, gradually increasing the time spent online. All the sessions, assignments & the class notes that follow each chapter were detailed and helpful. In addition to the classes themselves, a lot of activities have been planned for supporting emotional well-being, skill development and encouragement of an attitude of gratitude in kids.

    Though not without hiccups, it was very reassuring to see the teachers and management keep an open dialogue with us parents and are quick to iron out any challenges that arise. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation, but kudos to the teachers and the management team at Ekya for all the preparation and the efforts they are put into designing the classes and the activities that kids can do together. We thank you for making this an enjoyable experience for our kids.


    Aparna Taneja
    Parent Aditi & Anika (Grade 5)

    Our Prime Minister, Mr. Modi during his Independence Day speech this year spoke of many things which are undergoing major changes because of the COVID 19. One of the main change being in the education system, not only in India but across the world.

    My daughters Aditi and Anika Taneja are now in Grade 5 in Ekya Byrathi and I couldn’t be happier to have them studying at Ekya. I have always been convinced with the school from 2014 when I enrolled my children in the Ekya Montessori program. The way teachers make their students learn, the way the students are being groomed for future is very interesting and encouraging. I am definitely amazed that the transition from regular schooling to online schooling has been absolutely seamless. The classes have been spaced out well, the online tool is very student-friendly and the content has been well thought through. The concept of online library and breakfast meets are definitely a good initiative.

    I thank the Ekya staff, teachers especially for making the new experience of learning online enjoyable while keeping in mind that the learnings must go on irrespective of any situation.

    I wish the school all the very best and I am sure you will continue to amaze us, students and parents in these unpredictable times.


    Divya NC
    Parent of Drisha NC (Grade 3)

    I feel very happy today that I made the right decision to enroll my daughter Drisha NC in Ekya schools. Drisha has been with the current institution(CMR) for the last 5 years and with Ekya schools for 3 years now. Drisha NC is in grade 3 of Ekya Byrathi school.

    1. With the support of excellent and caring staff at Ekya, I have seen her transforming and growing her social skills, curiosity, resilience, creativity, integrity, and assertive skills which has added to her confidence and an overall element of fun while learning.
    2. I have noticed the institution encourages kids to be fearless and express their thoughts not just limited to the curriculum both orally and written. This has motivated my daughter to read more books and she enjoys sharing her thoughts either through book nook or directly with her mam.
    3. Finally, as a parent, I feel the staff is very kind transparent and they go the extra mile to keep the kids happy. Recently there was a topic that Drisha could not grasp completely, the mam noticed and was kind enough to extend a 1 to 1 session with Drisha and cleared her doubts.

    Before I conclude let me say a few things about the online classes that are currently underway:
    I was a bit apprehensive about the online classes earlier, but the school made the transition very easy for the children and parents. Drisha enjoys online classes and doesn’t want to miss a single day. The week is divided into interesting academic and co-curricular activities which keeps the children busy throughout. The routine is planned in a way where the children do not get burdened and have time to relax between school hours.

    I would definitely recommend Ekya school to all my friends, family. And I wish the team & leaders all the very best & continue the great work that they do.


    Malvika Radhakrishnan
    Parent of Primary student

    Well designed curriculum, that enables children to apply thought and creativity. The Math curriculum especially, which really goes to the core of understanding Math concepts and questions logic. So reassuring to see your child come back home, excited about what they have learnt at school. The Head of School Ms.Shubra Sinha, is extremely involved and supportive. Great infrastructure in terms of building and supporting facilities. The Visual Art space is one of my personal favorite.


    Ms. Asha Doris
    Senior Educator

    It is amazing to see students wanting to come to school just to see what interesting things they will explore and discover each day. I’ve had the privilege of working with great leaders, talented young minds and amazing teachers over the years here.


    Bhavana Kuka
    Parent of Ekya Byrathi

    Commitment, Care and Coaching. The highlight for Ekya for us. From the word go, my son who recently moved to 7th grade at Ekya – Byrathi, has loved all aspects of school. What has made a great impact is the hands on contextual approach. This combined with the support extended by the teachers makes the school a winner for us.