Student Well-being is at the centre of this program. At Ekya Schools, the student well-being program focuses on building key life skills to help students cope with challenges in school and beyond. Since March 2020, we have conducted numerous sessions with parents and students providing perspectives and support to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. We received positive feedback about the program, and will continue to provide support to the best extent possible to the parent community and students. Our aim is to provide the best educational experience with the emotional support for all our students.

We have a team of dedicated School Counsellors who provide one-on-one counselling for our students.

Community Connect Program

Born in the light of the COVID-19 situation in March 2020 when we were grappling with an unprecedented challenge, the Community Connect Program was launched to support students and parents across the globe and bring them together virtually!

Our aim was simple – in the times of uncertainty and when children’s learning and growth were most affected, to provide a space for children to have fun learning experiences, to engage them during the day productively and to provide emotional support to parents and students.

The Community Connect Program provided free sessions from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every week for 7 weeks to any child or parent who wanted to be a part of it! From French and Kannada to Yoga and wave turbine mechanisms, students not only learnt skills, but also got accustomed to online learning ahead of time.

Along with designing skill based sessions, the program also hosted counselling sessions on Adapting to COVID-19, how we can manage the best of both worlds, and more.

Post the lockdowns, the program now engages our students after school in fun skill based activities, expert sessions and student led events.

Community Connect will continue during the summer, productively engaging the wider student community through activities in fields of sports, arts and more.

We Connect

2020 has been a difficult year for students in many ways, one being shifting to online learning and coping with physical isolation.

At Ekya, we understand that social connections are key to the wellbeing of our children. To support the social and emotional needs of our students by staying socially connected with their peers even during physical isolation, we planned several activities such as school bands, student led events (intra-school fests, quizzing, debates, etc.), small student group talk sessions and more!

School Assemblies

When Ekya Schools went fully online in 2020, we wanted our students to not only interact with their class friends, but also interact and mingle with other grades. What better way than student organized morning assemblies.

Every class is given an opportunity to plan and executive their very own theme based school assembly, and present it to their peers, instilling confidence in students and helping them make stronger bonds with other students and teachers!


Our students participate in a wide range of competitions, ranging from inter-house to international competitions.

Students are offered over 20 in-house competitions over the course of the year across multiple learning areas ranging from public speaking and vocals to quizzing to different art mediums.

Students participate in multiple intra-school competitions such as Blogathon, Triton Fest and Battle of Bands.

The students are also offered the opportunities to participate in various accredited national and international level competitions hosted by various authority boards, schools and private companies.

Book Nook Program

Our goal is to provide and ensure continuity of library facilities for our students. We want our children to access a wide range of books and reading materials even in times like Covid-19. We have embraced the digital future and have built a digital library for our children

Many online activities are embedded as part of our Book Nook Program for student involvement. As a part of a larger goal to develop a reading culture at school, the reading program provides exposure to different authors and genres to encourage students to read more diverse or advanced texts. The reading program allows kids to work together more often and talk about their reading. This initiative hopes to instill a love for reading in our students and our team of librarians will provide guidance and support throughout the school year as children deepen their reading.

This year, the Book Nook program not only provided a host of books, reading materials and fun literacy workshops to our students, but also hosted a Lit Fest which witnessed over 25 author sessions, workshops and competitions virtually!

Self Challenge

Health and Fitness remains one of our key focus areas.

During lockdowns and home isolation, we launched a “Self Challenge Program” for our students and their families.

The purpose of the Self Challenge is to engage the students and their families through simple and fun daily challenges, leading to a healthier lifestyle – both physically and mentally, without the need for much screen time.

This year’s challenges were Healthier Together, Grow Your Love and Fun Fitness.

Family Ties Program

We engage with our parents as partners. We are committed to building a strong school community consisting of our parents, students and staff.

Our current situation allows for enhancing parent-child relationships, and in times like these we will continue to work towards the child’s overall growth and development.

We identified a set of activities for our parent-child program and as part of this program, we share activities with parents specific to their child’s age. The activities are flexibly designed so they can be done from the comfort of home.

The purpose of Family Ties Program is to provide some interesting resources which will help create constructive and exciting family moments.

Gender Sensitization

The Gender Sensitization program is aimed to create awareness around gender issues within the student community and the larger public sphere. These are mandatory sessions for the students to attend and they include activities, role-plays, discussions and various audio-visual aids

The sessions are conducted by our in-house counselling team who are well experienced and connected with our student and parent community.

Breakfast / Lunch Clubs

We recognize the importance of social skills.
Breakfast Club is an opportunity for our children to connect with their friends as it can feel isolating, affecting the mental well-being of our children. Through initiatives like these, children can maintain and/or develop their social skills and build a sense of morale through these unprecedented times. This becomes especially important for children who do not have siblings. Children connect casually with their friends over breakfast every Saturday.