The Student Council is the representative body of the entire student community at Ekya School ITPL. Serving as the interface between the students and the administration, the Council comprises of the Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Sports Captain, Cultural Secretary, the Editorial and School House Captains.

    For the Academic Year 2021-2022, the Student Council at Ekya ITPL is as follows:


    For the Academic Year 2018-2019, the Student Council at Ekya ITPL is as follows:

    School Captain (Girl): Sheetal Singh
    School Captain (Boy): Kiran Natarajan
    School Vice-Captain (Boy): Ashwin Venkateswaran
    School Vice-Captain (Girl): Nishka Girish
    Sports Captain: Manav Agarwal
    Sports Vice-Captain: Ishita Tenjerla
    School Cultural Secretary: Rushil Kolipaka
    School Editor: Aswathi S Nair
    School Sub-editor: Anirudh Kudavelly
    House Captain, Agni: Anushka Gopalkrishnan
    House Vice-Captain, Agni: Prerna Martha
    House Captain, Bhoomi: L Vaibhav
    House Vice-Captain, Bhoomi: Rahul Sachidanandam Kannan
    House Captain, Jal: Trishank M
    House Vice-Captain, Jal: Geetanshi Batra
    House Captain, Vayu: Elsa Mariam Jerry
    House Vice-Captain, Vayu: Tanvi Upadhyay