These activities are designed with clear learning objectives. We focus on providing students with opportunities to identify and nurture their unique talents.

    The following after-school activities are conducted at Ekya School ITPL for the academic session 2018-19:

    Design Thinking Challenge
    The annual Design Thinking Challenge is an opportunity for the Ekya community to immerse themselves in a socially relevant problem. Independent student teams tackle human-centered challenges such as ‘How might we better integrate the elderly into Bangalore’s society?’ and ‘How might we solve the garbage problem in Bangalore to improve the lives of citizens? Students are encouraged to think critically, identify insights, build on each other’s ideas and learn from failure. With Design Thinking, we aim to bring in the next generation of innovative leaders and problem solvers who are prepared to tackle the challenges of the future.

    Conducted by Excelsior Academy, the Robotics Program gives students an insight into the world of robotics, automation, and engineering. Learning robotics is a fun and engaging way for kids to understand building & programming usable elements for a given task/ challenge. The trainers use Lego Mindstorms EV3, Dash & Dot, Cue to teach kids about the assembly, construction, programming and execution of robots to achieve goals given in the form of a task/ challenge. It helps students in problem identification, ideation, decision-making, idea execution, and team building.

    Hour of Code
    As part of Computer Science Education Week observed every early December, Ekya students host the Hour of Code. The programming event, organized and managed entirely by students, aims to educate people the basics of computer programming in a fun, simple way. Parents of students are also invited to participate in the programming challenges – Crack the Code, Techno Quiz, Discover-Design-Display to name a few. The recently held Hour of Code had students also present interesting projects using software such as Scratch, Visual Basic, Java, Python, and Arduino.

    QuizShala, organized by Walnut Knowledge Solutions, aims at fostering an informative, fun and fair quizzing environment for students to participate in. It trains them to conduct quality quizzes as it channelizes the interests of students in all spheres of life beyond the margins of prescribed syllabi. It inculcates a passion and thirst for quizzing thereby encouraging them to gain adequate knowledge and exposure. Students are encouraged to ask questions, think independently and form their own opinions, leading them to be outspoken and expressive, both in thought and action.

    Visual Art
    Visual Art classes are conducted after school hours for students who are interested in learning finer techniques than those covered in the curriculum. Students learn about various techniques of visual expression like abstract art, glass painting, Madhubani, contemporary and realistic art, 2D and 3D art, canvas painting to name a few.

    Performing Arts*
    Students are trained in the technical intricacies of classical music and musical instruments such as the Keyboard and Tabla. Children are also groomed in the genres of Western Vocals. Hindustani Vocal classes are conducted by trained instructors who help students gain technical proficiency.

    Dance Fitness
    In Dance Fitness, technique and intricate choreography aren’t the focus. Students are let to enjoy a freestyle form of dance, sweat out while doing their best to follow the instructor. Dance fitness classes have a focus on cardiovascular exercise.

    Animation & Multimedia
    AECS(Aplus Education and Computer Services Pvt Ltd) will deliver a course on “Digital Artwork Design” as part of our after-school classes. The key topics covered in this course will be Sketching, Illustrator, and Photoshop. On completion of these classes, students would become familiar with the latest digital design tools used in the Industry today. They can also create logos, printing materials, advertisements, etc. This course works acts as a stepping stone for careers in Web designing, Game designing, Animators and Visual Effect experts.

    Drone Making
    GSPER with conduct the Drone Making classes for our students. They enable young minds to express their creativity in a scientific manner. Their objective is to make learning practical, fun and application based. GSPER wants to empower students with knowledge that helps them to create innovative designs, products, and solutions using their own creativity. At the end of the session, every student will have their own quadcopter and will go through a test and will become a certified “Quadcopter Pilot” and fly their own Quadcopter. All the students will be part of the biggest air show in India, which will be conducted in the month of December 2019.

    Basketball coaching is conducted on campus for students of various ages. Our program trains students for inter-school competitions. In addition to Basketball, the campuses provide coaching for Skating and Karate. We also facilitate indoor games like Chess and Carrom with the provision for Yoga.

    *Updated activity list is shared with parents at the start of the academic year. Enrolments are based on availability and schedule.