10 THINGS

    Ekya brings learning to life. Literally!
    Here are some of the things that we really believe in and are proud to showcase.

    We make every day special

    We explore exciting unique ways to make every day a memorable learning experience.

    • On colour days, our pre-primary children and teachers wear a designated color for the day. This encourages the child to identify colours in their environment and also gives them a sense of ownership for their learning.
    • On market days children visit a mock market set up in the school to get hands-on experience of how a market functions in the real world.
    • Animal appreciation day is hosted so that all children understand the importance of the animal world to their community.

    Speakers with confidence

    Students at Ekya are constantly encouraged to vocalise their questions, doubts, opinions and express themselves more clearly and completely. Various activities like elocution competitions, class discussions, inter house competitions, debates, and assemblies provide platforms where the students’ oratory and logical skills are honed. Their public speaking skills are enhanced when they articulate their thoughts clearly and confidently in front of any audience; their ability to focus and listen to others is also sharpened simultaneously.

    We're green at heart

    The hands on gardening programme at Ekya prepares the students to become environmentally conscious responsible adults of tomorrow. Students gain practical knowledge while maintaining gardens and terrariums. The multifold benefits are an increase in scientific knowledge and understanding, a heightened sense of responsibility, and fostering of positive behaviour. Gardening caters to the needs of different types of learners.

    Students are also encouraged to follow the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle, as they learn about recycling of material and composting.

    Making our learning visible

    Interactive pin-up boards and student portfolios are used to enable onlookers (students, teachers and parents) to see how lessons are taught and the learning that takes place.

    The students work on these pin-up boards in groups which enhances their teamwork and their communication skills.

    Portfolio management is a skill that all our students learn right from the Primary School. Students manage their worksheets, assessment sheets, class activities and any projects in a portfolio. This helps them track their learning curve and is a visual reinforcement of their learning.

    Experts at Ekya

    Our ‘Experts @ Ekya’ program introduces students to a kaleidoscope of ideas outside the classroom. Experts who have made their mark in different fields are invited to share their experiences and talk about their ‘offbeat’ careers. Through these interactions students understand that there is a difference between the underlying passion involved in being in a profession that one really likes and one that is forced upon them.

    Be it writing a story, making advertisements or short films, architecture, growing up or any topic of interest, success is the result of the pursuit of excellence, hard work, dedication and commitment.

    Through this program we want to help our students make responsible career choices in the future.

    Core content is built in-house

    It is the constant endeavour of the in-house curriculum team to create exemplary educational content, so that learning is fun-filled, contemporary and meaningful for our students.

    The teachers are encouraged to use various tools in the form of graphic organizers, worksheets, crosswords, and word/ number games in the day to day instruction process. Apart from affirming the content taught, this also develops and enhances the lateral thinking and application skills in the learner. Regular in-house training programs are conducted to help refresh the teachers’ knowledge and help them keep abreast of new teaching methods and lines of thought.

    Encouraging art

    At Ekya, we follow what is called the ‘SEA’ of Art. We want our students to be able to See, Express and Appreciate Art. Through this curriculum, our students are free to create and imagine, be less restricted in expression, understand the use of different art mediums and their effects, speak about their artwork, think and represent 2D and 3D art intelligently.

    Our students’ artworks are truly a form of their own ideas and expression.

    Valuing our values

    Value education originates right from the pre-primary classes. Focus is laid on basic manners and moral values that children imbibe while working in the classroom. Teachers structure this learning through various activities like story-telling, games, self reflective sessions, worksheets and group discussions.

    Emphasis on reading

    The Ekya School library is a warm and inviting space with its age appropriate furniture, carpeted floors and quiet corners for the children’s reading pleasure. Students can take their pick of reading preferences by choosing from educational books, educational journals, newspapers and magazines.

    The Ekya Reading Program focuses on literacy development by providing a platform for students to share their reading experiences with each other. The love for reading is inculcated through quality reading activities and experiences.

    School of trust and inter-dependence

    At Ekya, students build an agreement of behaviour or a social contract in each grade. Students set expectations of behaviour between teachers and themselves, that allow daily routines to function smoothly. A bond of mutual trust is created through the implementation of the social contract.

    Simple routines like ‘ Meet and Greet’, where the teacher greets each child with a smile and a firm handshake is a way of reassuring and connecting with the students.