Guidance on the Coronavirus Disease 

    At Ekya, the child is at the heart of everything we do and we work to enable children to be thinkers, doers, and change-makers. With the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, we understand how hard it is for your child to stay at home missing their classes, teachers, and friends. We understand that the parent and student community need our support now more than ever.   

    The health and safety of the Ekya community are of paramount importance. Ekya Schools has been monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, and we will continue to work closely with health and government agencies to do everything possible to ensure your child is back in school soon.

    While we continue to keep track of this pandemic, we will update our community on this page on any news or decisions taken to support and protect our community.



    An overview of virtual school


    During these uncertain times, we are engaging students in remote learning experiences that ensure school continuity. Keeping in line with our learning philosophy and taking into account pedagogical best practices for virtual learning, we have embarked on an informed approach to design the learning experience for our students. We are following the blended learning approach – a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. In ensuring limited screen time, the daily schedule has ample breaks between two sessions for our students. We have started the online sessions in a phased manner.

    Phase 1 – Transition curriculum Online

    Phase 1 is a skill-focused curriculum covering key skills aligned to grade-level standards. We want to ensure a strong balance of learning and also take into account student well-being so that children maximize their learning opportunity without being overwhelmed with the new learning environment. The focus on developing skills in thinking and communication will prepare students to engage with the core curriculum actively and independently.

    Phase 2 – Core Curriculum Online

    The Core Curriculum helps engage students with relevant, current, and meaningful content that they can relate to. In all our learning areas, we also emphasize on skills relevant to that learning area. There is no guarantee of how long Phase 2 would continue as it would depend on the restrictions imposed by the government. As an organization, we are prepared to run school virtually until it is safe for students to return to school productively.

    Phase 3: Core curriculum in-person

    This phase will only begin when restrictions are lifted for schools to operate and it will be safe for students to come back to school. We are already in the process of putting together guidelines for taking increased measures to ensure the safety of our children when back on campus.

    Additional initiatives
    Our students start their day with morning meetings followed by learning area sessions and co-curricular initiatives to provide a holistic school experience. To facilitate students’ all-round development we are conducting multiple co-curricular activities virtually which include competitions, workshops, after school activities, club programs. Other programs like Student Wellness, Book Nook, Remediation program, Family Ties, Breakfast/Lunch Club, and Teacher office hours have been planned to engage students and support them adequately.


    Launch of Academic Year 2020-21

    We are looking forward to starting the new academic session with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. We will be conducting virtual classes for the students to continue with their formal learning until it is safe for our students to return to school in person. 

    Block Opening Date of Virtual School
    Early Years 8 June 2020
    Grades 1- 2 1 June 2020
    Grades 3-5 1 June 2020
    Grades 6-8 26 May 2020
    Grade 9- 10 26 May 2020
    Grade 11 1 June 2020
    Grade 12 26 May 2020
    Advanced-Grade 12 26 May 2020
    IGCSE Grade 9- 10 1 June 2020



    Support and Well-being

    At Ekya, the well-being of every student is valued and supported. The program helps students flourish in both academic and social realms.  Developing well-being means supporting the whole child, not only academic achievement but cognitive, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  We have been providing support to our students to navigate through the COVID-19 situation since April 2020.  We will continue to provide support to the best extent possible to the student community.  

    We have a team of dedicated School Counsellors who are available for our students during the Summer break between 9 AM and 4 PM, Monday to Friday

    Once we reopen the virtual school in May, the Counsellors will be available for our students between 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday. 

    Students can reach out by clicking on the link given for their campus to fix an appointment with our Counsellors and we will get back to you with a time slot. 

    Student Support – BTM

    Student Support – Byrathi

    Student Support – ITPL

    Student Support – JPN

    Student Support – CMR NPS



    Learning Approach

    Our lives have changed drastically due to the COVID pandemic.  However, we are ensuring that students’ education remains uninterrupted.  

    We are excited to launch our virtual school, which will include online classes, self-study time, school assessments, daily meetings, and co-curricular activities. 

    The pedagogy for online learning varies from classroom learning. ‘What’ children will learn will not change. The difference will be in ‘how’ children will learn. We have taken an informed approach to design the learning experience for our children. Our in-house curriculum team proposes a blended learning approach, a mix of synchronous, and asynchronous learning approaches. The synchronous learning approach supports learning in real-time through video using video conferencing tools such as Google Meet, where the students and teachers have to be online at a given time. We will share the timetable on PowerSchool so that children can log in using the link provided. Asynchronous learning allows students to learn without having to be online at the same time as their peers and teacher. This includes learning using resources such as assessments, videos, content created, and curated by the in-house curriculum team shared through PowerSchool which can be accessed by the student and allows for self-study. Asynchronous learning is an important component of learning as it serves to support the learning that happens in real-time with the teacher and peers.



    Technology and Tools

    We are integrating award-winning technological platforms to provide adequate learning that is interesting, meaningful, and fun.

    The following digital tools will be used –

    1. PowerSchool Portal
      This is our learning management system. You will find all the updates, schedules, learning resources uploaded here. Children will also use PowerSchool to submit their assignments and participate in discussions. Teachers will also record children’s attendance on PowerSchool. Parents and teachers can also communicate with one another using this platform.
    2. Schoology
      Schoology is a web-based learning management system.
    3. Conferencing Tool – Zoom 
    4. G Suite  



    Campus Readiness

    A thorough deep cleaning of the entire campus is planned prior to campus opening. We have conducted specialized training for all our housekeeping staff with a specific focus on disinfecting and sanitizing all areas and maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness across our campus. All visitors and staff entering the campus will have to first undergo temperature checks at our security gates as a first-level check to ensure high standards of safety.