We are three weeks into the beginning of school. With our children settling into their respective timetables, class activities and extracurricular opportunities, we look at how the week panned out at our campuses.

Elections at ITPL

Ekya School ITPL hosted its annual student council elections, as we inch closer to the school’s investiture ceremony. Candidates pursuing the student leadership roles began their campaigning with their first get-to-know-me speech. A week of campaigning lies in front of them, here are our student nominees for the Council:

For School Captain Boy- S Abhik and Rajkaushik Ramkumar

For School Captain Girl – Isha  Joshi, Karthika Satyanarayanan and Yukta Bhatia

For School Sports Captain – Manali Tanna and Parth Khambe

Students from Grade 8 to 12 will go to vote on the 21st of June and the results of the elections will be announced on 25th June. We wish our young leaders the best.

Furry friends at BTM Layout

Children at Ekya BTM Layout had an interesting set of furry and feathery visitors at school. Observing ‘Pet Day’, the young ones got to interact with budgerigars, a Labrador and a school of fish. There were smiles through and through as the children were educated about the animals and birds in their presence, getting answers to questions like “How to take care of your pets?”, and “When to feed them?”

A pledge to save nature at JP Nagar

“The greater threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan

On the occasion of World Environment Week, a special assembly was held by students of middle school, to bring awareness to our duty towards the environment – to save, nurture and protect it for a better tomorrow. The children explained that every single moment spent littering and not caring for the environment would inch us closer to its destruction. If not put in check, this behaviour would carry over and be inculcated into the next few generations.

With the message loud and clear, our children led the assembly in taking a pledge to preserve nature and its true wonders.

Chalking out at Kanakapura

As part of the visual arts curriculum, Montessori Seniors at Ekya Early Years Kanakapura were introduced to the concept of chalk drawing where they visualized their surroundings and what they like the most. They were enthusiastic to try out a new and different form of art where they could draw without any limitations.

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