The week at Byrathi was packed with activities that are fun and educational at the same time. Here is the list of activities that kept our students busy this week

Talent Hunt for students of Grades 4-8

Talent, talent everywhere! We witnessed extraordinary display of talent from all students of grades 4-8. Students dressed as magicians, musicians, and dancers looked impressive. Students performed rhythmically to songs and instrumental music. They also presented interesting experiments and creative drawing skills.

Rainbow Day

Students of grades 1-3 used this opportunity to explore the colors of the rainbow. Our little artists got a chance to cut strips of craft paper into VIBGYOR colors and make cheering pompoms out of it. They used these pompoms to cheer their older friends of grades 4-8 during their talent performances.

Robotics after-school activity commenced from June 19, 2019

Technology in our hands!. After school classes on robotics commenced on 19th June 2019 at Ekya School Byrathi. Science and technology enthusiasts enrolled in this program to get hands-on experience in making robots. Since this was an introductory session, our expert demonstrated the operation of three robots and explained its basic parts.

Pot-Painting activity June 20, 2019

Students of grades 1-8 brought different clay pots of different shapes and decorated them with beautiful decorative items such as glitters, kundans, mirrors, colorful paints, feathers, and beads. We got to see the creativity of our students with this activity.

Vegetable Market and Salad Making ll Ekya Early Years ll June 20, 2019

Vegetable Market: A scenario of the vegetable market was created in the Montessori classroom for our little vegetable vendors and purchasers to get a feel of sale transaction. The artificial currency was given to all the students and they were asked to assume and use it as normal currency for this activity. Salad Making: after the purchase scenario, our little Ekyans got a chance to be a chef for an hour, under the supervision for our teachers.

International Yoga Day celebrations June 21, 2019

Students of grades 1-8 stretched their arms and legs and learned the benefits of practicing yoga for a healthy lifestyle. With the help of videos and demonstration, students could learn the best methods of breathing and relaxing their limbs.

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