Students of grades 9 to 12 had an opportunity to visit Military Engineers Group MEG. Here is an account by Lekha Gopi, English Teacher, Ekya School, ITPL who had accompanied the students in this field trip.

The field trip to MEG was informative and admirable. The warm smiles of the men in camouflage uniforms welcomed us to share their patriotism with the new generations. We explored the battleground in the most educational ways. Various types of mines, detonators, suspension bridges and many other methods of demolition and preparations for war were on display. The guidance and demonstrations of the Sargent proved very useful while we tried to understand the way the mines are activated. Triggering systems were explained and pranks teased our ears and eyes.


Next up, the shooting range. Cadets were not at ease but, flawlessly remained in position as we inspected the range and understood their targets and rifles. Most of us mistook them for statues at first. Their discipline is certainly beyond impressive if they are capable of ignoring the flies that buzz around their ears! Students admired their dedication and commitment to their nation. We also had the opportunity to try an unloaded rifle. It’s was simply fantastic!

Artisan work and makery showcase really brought out the minimalism in a camp setting. Tables that transformed into chairs and vice versa, military workmanship in innovative furniture and mini models of housing plans that were marked down to the finest details. Handcrafted by talented men in green, we watched as they displayed their works of art and demonstrated the purpose of camp-friendly, minimal accessories.

A treat for the eyes was brought to us by the silence in the deeply rooted history of the battalion commanders, generals, and wing leaders. The museum helped us pay our respects to the talented medal winners since the time of the Queen who was claimed to be the “Empress of India”. We toured the room to find weapons of various kinds, dating back to the 1700s.

Turning back around, MEG left many students speechless and flabbergasted, encouraging them to enquire about the possibilities of attending the course.

With the uniforms, sippoy attires, discipline, zero waste, Eco-friendliness, greenery, intensity, the evolution of the country’s militants, the old and new maps, daggers, letters lost in time, history collected behind glass jars and patriotism oozing, it became the perfect note to cease the day.

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