The eagerly anticipated Lit Fest was organized by Ekya Schools on 21-22 Dec. After a common inaugural session, the event was structured into class-specific activities. Students explored and discovered the fascinating world of literature through the real-life experiences of renowned authors through interactive sessions, workshops on filmmaking, creative writing, and exciting competitions.

I was honored to be asked to give the welcome address and introduce the invited speakers in the inaugural session. The three guest speakers, Ms. Varsha Seshan, Ms. Anushka Ravishankar, and Mr. Srikrishna Ramamurthy are eminent professionals in their respective fields and spoke about various facets of reading and writing through their personal experiences.

 It was a joy to hear them speak so passionately of their literary experiences and advise budding and voracious readers. The wonder in a world of words couldn’t have been better conveyed.

On 21st and 22nd Dec, students enthusiastically participated in the sessions and workshops conducted by various writers and authors. The talks specific to my category were informative and illuminating, adding to a complete literary experience. I especially enjoyed the workshop, ‘Unearthed’ by Ms. Meghaa Gupta, the sessions by Mr. Rajesh KK and Mr. Rakesh Godhwani, and the talk by Ms. Vrunda Bansode on ‘How to become a Junior Entrepreneur’.

All in all, the Lit Fest was an event that was enriched in the content providing me an experience that I hope to build on in the days to come. 

Finally, I would like to affirm the organizers for visualizing, planning, and organizing this event in such an admirable manner and thank the participants for taking the time and making the effort to speak and interact with the students of Ekya schools and providing them an unforgettable literary perspective.

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