The Vande Mataram quiz club seemed to be one of the most helpful clubs at the time I was deciding about club enrolment. I was keen to improve my general knowledge and I thought this club will help me towards the same. This is exactly what happened during the very first session on 23, June 2020. The session was interactive and built curiosity to know more about the topics discussed. After an initial round of introduction and signing the club contract, a quiz on current affairs in India was conducted. 

I really liked the way the quiz was conducted. Our answers to the quiz questions had to be supported by our story of how we knew the answer. I think it was a great way to convey our points and also get feedback from the facilitator.

Some of the answers really made me wonder “ Whaaat? Is this true? “ ; that’s how crazy they were! In the end I definitely learnt more! I think this club will be a huge success and i will join it if available next year.

Grahesh Gautam – 7A, Ekya J P Nagar.

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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