The outbound learning experience gives our students an opportunity to extend their learning on the topics covered in the classroom. In this field trip to ‘Enchanting Acres’, they were able to further their knowledge on Mammals and the concept of Push and Pull.  Our juniors explored the characteristics, features and different types of mammals in a farm environment. 

Through observation and inquiry, the students could identify the different mammals and how they are different from other animal groups and also learned about their diet. Teachers connected to the concept that humans also belong to the same group of mammals. The seniors observed and identified some means of transport in the environment and associated the same with a pull and push motion.  They were able to see and understand the role of some machines in making work easier.
It was a joyful sight to witness the children squeal with joy when they were taken on a  Pony ride and as they enjoyed the beauty of nature when they went on a tractor ride around the farm. We also had some hands of experience of planting seeds and making pottery where the children learned to take care of the environment and indirectly refining their fine motor muscles.
The pottery activity will be done in  2 parts- in today’s trip we did the first part of making diyas and during our Diwali celebration, we will be painting these diyas and it will be given to the children to decorate their homes.
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