In the month of September students from Ekya ITPL visited Enchanting Acres for their field trip. This tiny farm lies on the outskirts of Bangalore and is nestled among many other farms there.

Living in a concrete jungle and being surrounded by technology, students are disconnected from nature. This trip to Enchanted Acres was a much-needed deviation for them and a beautiful way to reconnect with nature.

At Enchanting Acres, kids had a chance to see animals and birds. They also had a fun-filled adventure where the children got to ride ponies and were able to connect with one of nature’s most magnificent creatures. Another interesting activity they conducted was the leaf spray painting and the tractor ride. Children gathered various shapes and colors of leaves to create beautiful cards to carry back home and had an exhilarating experience of traveling in the tractor.







The students also got a chance to get their tiny hands dirty by making pots. They were guided by a skilled potter, got to experience the real potter’s wheel. They were allowed to explore their creativity with nature and also did build their eye coordination and motor control skills with the pottery activity. All the activities had so much learning and students definitely took back a lot from this field trip. The objective of conducting all the activities was very strong, thoughtful and much needed for young minds today. Children are now aware of the origin of their food, learned about their growth, have awareness of farming, animals, habitat, and nature. A day out in the sun, amongst fountains, ponds, flowers, insects, and animals, this trip was a much needed memorable experience for our kids to reconnect with nature.


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