“Do you dream of a future for your child that includes a graduate degree from an international institution, a rewarding, high-paying MNC job, or an overseas settlement?”

In a fast-paced world guided by globalisation, industries and organisations are rapidly changing their protocols & processes to keep up with technology trends. The problems, challenges, and professions of today may become obsolete tomorrow. Likewise, the knowledge and skills applicable in one place may no longer work in another. Consequently, a more adaptable, practical, and globalised curriculum is required to teach children how to learn, unlearn, and relearn skills

The IGCSE Curriculam offers students a chance to develop personal, professional, and socio-emotional skills required to learn, work, and survive in a rapidly changing world.

If you are looking for the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore for 14-16 year old students, then Ekya Schools is the best choice for your child!

A Brief Overview Of Education At Ekya Schools

The two-year course aligned to the Cambridge IGCSE board is offered to students in grades IX and X at Ekya School JP Nagar and Ekya School Byrathi campuses. The coursework includes theoretical concepts as well as skill-building projects & assignments conducted throughout the year for formative assessment of students’ learning. The summative assessment or subjective final examination (like other boards) is scheduled at the end of grade X. 

The IGCSE curriculum is flexible, personalised, and differentiated in terms of choice of subjects. The subjects offered to students include:

  • Languages (Any two subjects to be chosen): First language- English (Extended), Second language- Hindi & French
  • Humanities & Social Sciences: History, Civics, Geography, Economics
  • Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Mathematics: Mathematics – Extended
  • Creative, Technical & Vocational Courses: Computer Science (Extended)

Why Ekya International School, Bengaluru?

Ekya Schools is unique from the rest of the best IGCSE schools in Bangalore because:

  1. We are backed by a team of skilled, seasoned, and visionary educators passionate about teaching and learning. The educators model skills and values like excellence, commitment, dedication, integrity, etc. for students to understand and internalise in their lives. We bring unique and engaging experiences into the classrooms to help students not only master textbook concepts but also extend their learning beyond the classrooms. The ongoing professional development programmes at the school allow educators to update their knowledge, skills, pedagogies, and classroom management techniques with time, as per the learners’ requirements.
  2. We create advanced learning areas to nurture students’ curiosity & imagination and engage their interests in learning. Besides the classrooms, the school has dedicated spaces for sciences, robotics, sports, visual & performing arts, where students can hone their skills.
  3. We ensure academic excellence by creating opportunities for students to participate in collaborative skill-building activities. E.g., reading, robotics, sports, visual & performing arts (like music, dance, theatre), MUN, Hour of Code, etc. The knowledge and skills gained through these programmes are utilised by students to excel in their mainstream subjects.
  4. We offer exceptional learning experiences & international exposure. Ekya Schools live by the mantra of Living the Lessons. The lessons and assignments are thoughtfully designed to reflect recent happenings around the world, whereas outbound learning initiatives (excursions, virtual trips, etc.) enhance the global exposure and awareness of various cultures. The school’s Work Exposure Programme offers students first-hand experience of various professions and industries through summer internships.
  5. We prepare students to make a positive difference to the world through service. Ekya SchoolsDesign Thinking Challenges & “Service Learning Initiatives” allow children to immerse themselves in a socially relevant problem, thus making efforts to give back to the community.
  6. We deliver results that are higher than the global average. As one of the best schools in Bangalore, Ekya has a track record of producing exceptional student learning outcomes, as evident by the results of board examinations, olympiads, national/international competitions, etc.
  7. We offer career support through the CCG (College & Career Guidance) programme. It was introduced with the objective of helping students acquire information to choose the best academic discipline and career for themselves. Students are mentored by counsellors and industry experts through the crucial years of their lives, which helps them prepare for the challenges of higher education and their future profession. Thus at Ekya opens doors to the best university placements

Ekya Schools allows children to join a global community of learners from 160 countries. Students are raised with the idea of future-readiness and life-preparedness to face the unimaginable challenges of the upcoming world.

Does that spark curiosity? Discover more about the IGCSE Curriculam and learning opportunities at the Ekya Schools, the best IGCSE school in Bangalore!

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