Hey friends! I’m writing this blog to share a wonderful experience and one of the best periods or ‘fun Saturdays’ I have ever had. Surely you all have guessed by now it’s the one and only breakfast club. After a week of vigorous learning and finishing assignments everyone is tired and wants to have fun, so if you haven’t attended the breakfast club please do try it. We do all kinds of fun and productive activities while eating on every Saturday except the 2nd.  On the first day, we were introduced and were oriented about what and how the club works, and then the real fun began.

On the next Saturday, we started playing fun games interacting and Anjana Ma’am made it the best class ever, by cracking jokes, playing games, coming up with many more fun activities and much more. In the next class, we played an awesome game in which ma’am asked us riddles and we, instead of answering them verbally brought the object and showed it in front of the camera. We were all full of energy even at the end of the class and never wanted it to end and the previous class was the best ever. In this game, we had to copy the action done by the previous person and make up your own, following that. Anyway, sorry for making it such a long blog, but seriously you have to try out the breakfast club.


Avyay Jayanth

Grade 6C,

Ekya JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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