Teacher (Guru) has always been treated next to god in Indian mythology. A teacher is the highest contributor to making us a better human. A teacher is a key person in our life who helps us grow our mentally and socially. If it has not been for teachers, brilliance would have been just a word. It is a teacher who guides us and helps us nurture our talent. Teachers undoubtedly deserve our respect through every single day of the year for making us a better version of ourself.

On 5th September, on the occasion of the birthday of former President  Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan the students of Ekya School JP Nagar showed their gratitude for the contribution of teachers in making them a better human each day and expressed their respect and love for teachers.

Many cultural programs were organized by the students for the teachers on this day. Also, students made gift greetings card and handmade crafts to their teachers with messages of gratitude. The whole campus was buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. On this occasion, Mr. Adarsh had conducted a fun-filled Zumba Session for the teachers. Teachers thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the latest numbers. Then they had a sumptuous lunch followed by a few games of Antakshari and dumb charades.

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