Hi Ma’am, we are back!!

A day which was long-awaited by the teachers and students!!

A day, which will fill color to the school campus and make it vibrant!!

A day, which gives space to go out in the open air, and experiences the warmth, the cool breeze of the wind!!

A day when the teacher can hold the chalk and write on the blackboard!!

A day where we see the beautiful charming smiles on our sweet students!!

A day, which resonates with the chirping voices of the blooming buds!!

A day finally arrived to make it “THE PERFECT DAY!!”

Yes, it was the day that I was longing to experience, which was missing for the past two years.

What an amazing feeling it was to wake up, get ready with the best attire, and pack the lunch bag!! And head to meet my superb kids in person !! My mind was filled with excitement, happiness, joy, pleasure, enchantment, and ecstasy!! I was thrilled to experience this day!!

“Hi Ma’am, we are back!!” Hi Ma’am, We are so excited to come back to offline school !!

These voices started to echo and replicate in each class I went to and filled my heart with warmth, joy, and delight!!

What a fulfilling moment and day it was, to see the campus fully vibrant and colorful with kids moving around and eagerly waiting to explore, learn and innovate new ideas!!

Away from the call links, grid view, and mute button!!. Children were excited to meet their friends, share their thoughts, have lunch together, do group activities, and much more.

The boards were lifeless without colorful content on them and works of students which made them bright and welcoming!!

And finally, the day arrived when the campus was buzzing with the chirping sounds of the students, boards decorated with vibrant colors and mesmerizing designs to have our kids on board, and students excited to have an everyday school with all the fun activities which they were longing from two years to enjoy their “STUDENT LIFE WHICH IS A GOLDEN LIFE !!”

What fun it is to collaborate, learn and work together and move forward as “ONE TOGETHER”!!

Ms. Ashwini KC

Computer Science Middle school teacher.

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