It has been observed that students are experiencing rising stress and anxiety levels and lower engagement with learning since the start of the COVID-19. This has scattered their attention and has had an adverse impact on their ability to focus in class, be it virtual or offline. Therefore, there is a need to make them mindful to help them function to their optimal. The benefits of mindfulness include promoting focus and concentration, better decision-making skills, thereby boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Keeping this in mind, at Ekya School, Byrathi has been conducting various mindfulness activities in our class teacher time. Now that offline school has begun, we have introduced simple exercises such as the Super Brain Asana and Rhythmic Yogic breathing by Ms. Padma Srinivasu, a Yoga Prana Vidya Trainer. The Super Brain Asana helps in balancing the left and right brain which improves physical health and increases mental and intuitive intelligence. It also sharpens memory power and increases concentration.

By practicing Rhythmic Yogic breathing, lung capacity increases to 70% as opposed to  15% to 30% in normal or chest breathing which in turn boosts the body’s immunity. It also brings clarity of thought.

Planetary Peace Meditation teaches students virtues like love, peace, harmony for meaningful and purposeful living.

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