My perception of the subject of History used to be similar to many people who feel that it is dry and vast to comprehend and also question- why should it be studied today, or past is past and what does it have to do with the present? The same questions crept into my mind until I chose to become a  social science teacher.

But, things changed gradually as I explored this learning area along with my students and realized the existence of life in it. I find that discipline reflects human behavior in the past, sheds light on our lives and achievements, and describes cultural and traditional traits. Moreover, it exposes an individual to the values embedded and passed on as a legacy from generation to generation.

If we look around and observe the day to day life, we would find history as an inseparable part of our life. “History does come to life” actually.

To cite a few examples, Patanjali’s Yogashastra has become an international trend to enhance the human body and mind. Similarly, ancient Ayurveda is shared with the world when modern science has no immediate solution for the pandemic. The copper metal is acting as an antibacterial metal in our kitchens and the use of terracotta is becoming popular too. The Indian age-old spices have become agents of boosting human immunity in the present scenario.

I strongly feel the binding force that has united mankind to combat any form of a difficult situation is the knowledge we have about our past and a strong understanding of our existence.

Values such as love, compassion, empathy, kindness, trust, self-care, and self-awareness are all the guiding forces we have inherited by studying and understanding the dry subject history.

I am glad to see, hear, and understand all these ideas deeply inculcated in my students. Hats off to them for responding to and supporting people in need, saluting their empathy they show for people across different parts of the world, and the strategies they propose in class to fight difficult scenarios. Above all, the love and respect they have for their parents, teachers, and friends.

I feel happy and proud to be associated with this subject that has taught all these attributes to my students and is helping them become responsible global citizens and wonderful human beings who are not only capable of self-discipline but also developing knowledge and ideas that contribute to changes in the world. 

And, all these have certainly been acquired from “not the dry subject or what is perceived has no life”. 


Ms. Mumtaz Begum

Ekya BTM Layout

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