When it comes to innovative and progressive education, Ekya Schools are always at the forefront, spearheading the way. 

At Ekya, we conduct a “Learning Showcase” at the end of each term for our parents, wherein our students share samples of their work and share with them some information on the school’s creative and pioneering approaches to teaching and learning.

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, parents had the opportunity to venture into the lives of students and teachers and see what sets Ekya School, Byrathi apart from others. The Learning Showcase session of Grades 2-4 commenced with the Head Of School, Ms. Shubhra Sinha rendering a warm welcome to the parents and acquainting them with the objective behind this endeavor. She apprised them about the ingeniously and effectively crafted teaching tools that were incorporated and implemented during the first term to assure that the students’ analytical, creative, application, comprehension as well as writing skills were contributed, applied, and enhanced during their course of learning. The plan of action, objectives, and goals stipulated for the upcoming term was also revealed to the parents to encourage them to be supportive and be a part of their child’s learning journey.  

Students of Grades 2- 4, from our institution, showcased projects and exhibits that reflected their learning through their inquiry-based, student-centered and interdisciplinary approach to learning – and exemplify Ekya’ Byrathi’s goals for the year which are developing writing skills in all languages, creating awareness and appreciation of different learning tools, embody the characters of an outstanding citizen, heighten community bonding and responsibility towards the world at large. 

The entire emphasis was on what the students were executed in the classroom, and how the online teaching and learning is manifested in our institution during this virtual scenario.  This was clearly evident in the demonstrations of their science projects, language skills, mathematical analysis, social science activities, computer applications, visual art designs, and awareness of health through physical education.

Displaying their efforts were the primary students, through creative presentations, written work, drawings, comic strips, experiments, recitations, and speeches with liveliness and enthusiasm that made parents delighted about the progress of their children.   

The showcase also exhibited the efforts of the teachers in ensuring the learning process was simple and purposeful for the students through their advice, direction, and counsel. Their guidance and instructions have demonstrated the determination and tenacious energy invested by them to enhance the quality of student learning.  

At the end of the session, the feedback form which was shared with the parents was filled with affirmations and appreciations. This Learning Showcase was a tremendous success, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of all our teachers and students who worked together to make it possible.

Here’s a glimpse into the meaningful and enriching day filled with fun and exuberance.

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