Many ways to remind us of time,

Mobile, clocks, watches ring each time.

Yet, Do we turn in at the right time?

Or wish we had more of it each time

Packed schedules. Umpteen chores. Collapsing boundaries between work and home. To top it all, the COVID 19 pandemic. Time has never been a precious commodity before. Yet it is “time” that is most violated by us. 

How often have you heard of this humour “We follow IST”? IST – “Indian standard Time”,  implying that Indians do not turn up on time to events, meetings, parties, marriages, and even for job interviews.  So, is being on time becoming a dying etiquette? Yes and No.

Yes, because, I constantly see people around me fighting with time. I hear sentences like:- 

  1. “ I am going to be late by ten minutes”  
  2. “ I have only one minute left for my music class. I cannot even eat.” 
  3. “ I got late for my meeting.”
  4. “ I am late for my online classes.”

It does not stop with these sentences. It is also accompanied by a lack of ownership of the problem. You see, it is the demon named “ TIME” over which we have no control. So, what can we do anyway? 

Well, we can. That’s where I also think being on time is not a dying etiquette. I see several people around me who stick to time like they are “digital clocks” tuned into the nanosecond precision. They plan their tasks with such minute precision that they are always on time. They are micro planners and more importantly, well-disciplined. They do not procrastinate. For them, time is not a “ demon” to be fought against. It is a “ resource” to be utilized effectively. 

Yes, all it requires to be on time is a shift in the mindset(from viewing time as a scarce resource to viewing it as a resource to be utilized effectively) and loads of discipline. Planning helps a lot in matching the time on hand with the tasks to be done. It also helps to work backward: Say you need to reach a place at 10 am. Work backward: Leave home at 9 30 AM, eat breakfast at 9 AM, and so on. 

Many ways to remind us of time,

Mobile, clocks, watches ring each time.

Why not utilize the resource called time, 

Effectively and be grateful for enough of it each time.


Mathangi, Ekya J P Nagar

Social Science Educator -Grades 5 to 8 

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