The buzz in our campuses -June 2022

Ekya BTM – The electric campus

Joy, laughter, happiness, colour and energy – these are the words that define the atmosphere at Ekya’s BTM campus. On the first day of school, as the teachers prepared to welcome students to their classrooms in open arms, the excitement was palpable. 

Now, the wait for classrooms and corridors longing for the sights and sounds of children is complete. Boards inviting students to their classes, books filled with knowledge, chalks describing complexities and stationary documenting the experience; the little things that the students have missed are all back. Smartphones and televisions are joyfully traded for school bags and lunches with their friends. With so much to share, the only commodity we are short of is time.

Reminiscent of all the classes they have been through with us, I rejoice as I see our students walking down the corridors enveloped in a world of learning with their friends. There are seldom finer moments of felicity when students ask me, ‘Ma’am, do you remember me?’. The sparkle in their eyes reminds me of years past, as I reminisce about their growth in school. With students in Montessori asking for homework, I am ecstatic about the efforts our teachers have put in to develop our students.

With a euphoric sense of achievement, we in Ekya are walking into a year filled with optimism, filled with hope and most importantly filled with energy!


Teacher: “Sam, can you please turn on your video?”

And that’s how our two years have passed. Years 2020 and 2021 have been a challenge for the entire universe. As the memories continue to haunt us, the education sector was one area that was severely affected by the pandemic.

Today, after two long years, when the school gates have finally opened to welcome children, our effort has increased by two fold. The sanitiser station continues to be present at every corner of the school, everyone at school continues to wear a mask and take precautions when we are under the weather.

While we are excited to see the happy faces of our children, we are duly aware of the times they have missed being around their friends. Several ice breaking activities have been included to help children overcome their social bubble and get acquainted with the physical school environment.

Online teaching has not only compelled us within four walls, it has also given us ample learning strategies which we have carried over to the offline platform. Presentations, study-videos, visual imageries- have been beneficial in honing the speaking and logic and reasoning skills of students. While the threat of the virus continues to scare us, we, while holding the hands of our children, continue to bridge every gap, onward and forward.

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