Our Animal friends

“Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals, cannot be a good man”

Wow! what a wonderful quote. I am sure, all ardent animal lovers will agree with me. Animals lovers are the best people to be around because no one else understands care and compassion better than them. Don’t we just love to be with our pet friends after returning from school or work? The relation that you develop with an animal is lifelong and firm. Animals respond back with all their love and affection and will always protect us. Adopting or taking a pet requires a lot of patience and love. It takes some time to build a trusting relationship but once this bond is formed, nothing can stop or change this friendship which only deepens with time. If there is one thing animals teach us is unconditional, selfless love. They comfort us and wait for us for hours when we are gone for some time.

Whether the animal is a dog or cat or guinea pig, caring for them has a magical impact. Children should be encouraged to be kind and compassionate towards animals. Kids naturally are attracted to animals. They have a desire to care for them. This not only benefits the animals but also builds character and helps our children develop into empathetic human beings. So let us make a promise to always be kind and compassionate to our animal friends. Let us understand them.

“Lots of people talk to animals, not very many listen though, that is the problem.

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