As you think so shall we become

On this earth, 3 energies are invisible, immortal, and everlasting energy. One is the Almighty God – an unlimited source of energy. The second one is our true source- the Soul, who gets connected to nature and does all the roles. The third is nature – We are all connected with the matter. Nature includes all the five elements – fire, water, sky, air, and earth. But, today nature is presently unbalanced, giving up many such panic situations. Who is responsible for it? What is my responsibility? 

Mind and Matter: Mind is always connected with the matter. Nature is in the selfless service of mankind. But, everything is going on in reverse order. We try to control all types of pollution today, but very important is MIND POLLUTION. We have never thought about such pollution, right? In our body, each cell receives the vibrations of the thoughts of the mind. Also, it gets vibrated in nature also.

Scientifically it has been proven that the elements of nature hold the vibrations of the thoughts of humans.  Nature does not understand human language, it understands the vibrations of human thoughts. 
Nature needs the pure vibrations of our minds. We can give this pure vibration when I connect to the Supreme power. As we match the frequency of the internet to get things downloaded, in the same manner when our Soul gets connected to the Divine, we can radiate pure, elevated thoughts to nature. 

Even medical scientists have proven that 95% of diseases are psychosomatic. As we have forgotten where to tune our mind energy, we have got entangled now in waste, stressful and unwanted thoughts. For thousands of years, nature has served us selflessly, but have I ever given back positive thoughts or affirmations to it? Every thought creates vibrations and radiates energy in the environment. As a deo fragrance, it gets radiated and comes back to us. So every thought gets radiated, gets mixed with cosmic energy, and creates similar situations to humans. It has also scientifically been proven that the thoughts of man affect the mind. Visit this website to know more about the effect of thoughts of humans on the water by Dr. Emato from Japan. He has shown how human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. He has shown through experiments that just by labeling water bottles by love and hatred for 14 hours in a room, he could see golden crystals formed in water labeled as love and black smoky formations in water named as hatred.

Man has his mind as his superpower. But, it has lost its power, as his mind is totally indulged in gadgets and media. 

When a human’s mind changes, there will be changes in nature and solves a lot of problems in his life.

 Every successful person in today’s world also has shared that they have reached that stage by visualizing their success with positive thoughts every day. We all have a subconscious mind which works more than our upper conscious.

When we learn to give positive thoughts to our subconscious mind, we can get a lot of things changed in our life.

Before you sleep, the energy in the thoughts you have in your mind 10 minutes before you sleep, works for the next 4 or 6 hours of sleep and also radiates in your house and environment. 

So, let’s learn to give a few positive thoughts/affirmations to our subconscious mind every day before I sleep and when I wake up in the morning:

“ I am pure energy, I am a powerful Child of Almighty, My fortune is very nice, my body is very good, Everyone at my home is fine. God’s blessings are there on everyone in my house. I am a happy person. I am heartily giving positive affirmations to nature as it has been serving me selflessly throughout my life. Thank you, God, Thank you Nature!

When you create such positive affirmations, it gets radiated in nature, gets mixed with cosmic energy, and creates good situations for you.
It is also internal immunization to increase the energy of the mind.  Friends, Nature needs positive energy which in return gives us physical things for our well-being. 

Let us tune ourselves to a positive lifestyle to have a healthy, happy life ahead.
Thank you!!

By, Ms. Ashwini K.C, Computer Science Teacher, Ekya School, JP Nagar

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