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The Teen Brain Condition – By Ms. Sindhu Roy

Here is the latest blog from our ‘Parent Blogger’ series, our endeavor to encourage parents to be active participants of the Ekya Community by sharing their expertise, interests, and experiences on our blogs. As a parent blogger from Ekya School,...

/ June 28, 2019

Importance of Reading to Your Child – Ekya Recommends

Why is reading important for infants and young children? Reading aloud and sharing stories with your child is a great way to spend time together. Reading and storytelling also help promote language, literacy and brain development. Research also proves that...

/ March 1, 2018

10 Reading Tips for Kindergarteners – Ekya Recommends

As a kindergartener, reading is a skill that is important to pick on early on, especially since it is key to your child’s academic future. As parents, we encourage you to play with letters, words, and sounds! Having fun with...

/ February 10, 2018