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Learning Chemistry at Ekya Schools

What comes to the mind of a child when we say ‘Chemistry’? Formulas, equations, chemicals, laboratory and a text heavy chapter? Chemistry is so much more! Starting with the air we breathe and the matter we are made up of,...

/ November 26, 2019

Cambridge IGCSE at Ekya Schools

At Ekya Schools, our focus lies not just on our curriculum but also the learning experience our children take away each day. We believe in making our lessons immersive, fun and thought-provoking. Education is all about understanding and experiencing. It...

/ April 23, 2018

Understanding the Social Science Program at Ekya Schools

Gone are the days when a class in History revolved around marking important portions in a textbook and listing out dates whose significance is not just historical but also for answering questions for examinations. When learning about a country in...

/ March 15, 2018

Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program at Kanakapura Early Years covers both Academic as well as Non Scholastic curriculum which helps in an all round development of the children.

/ June 24, 2014