It was finally the day I was impatiently waiting for “The RESULTS”. I had gone sleepless the previous night. Well, here it was. I had logged on to the zoom call 10 mins early. And once ma’am started the call, my heart blasted. I tried to cool myself down. The adrenalin in my veins was rushing

The cold feet tap-dancing on the floor and my hands praying was just the sign that I could not wait for even a second more.

 And now our Head of School started announcing, starting from the head boy. The results for the post that I was contesting for were the last. I had my eyes flashing on my screen; at the same time biting my nails. I closed my eyes and was imagining our teacher calling out my name. And guess what she did? Did she say “ For Vice Cultural Captain we have Snigdha Belavadi”?? I took time to register that in my mind, I was filled with joy. I had to let everything off. I turned my camera off and screamed so loud; I was so happy I started crying too. Well, this was one of my dreams. 

Let’s rewind and go back to sixth grade when we all could vote. I remember all my friends and I were so amused by the fact that we could vote. We imagined ourselves to be adults in school. And we all took our sketch pens and drew a line across our index fingers. It was a huge privilege given to us. As we grew up I wanted to be a part of it. I was waiting for 9th grade. Well, unfortunately, it was not how I had imagined standing for the election would be. Everything was online. However, it gave us all an advantage as we could get creative and make manifesto videos the way we wanted. All the teachers told us to think out of the box and do something different. 

The next goal was to think about how can I make mine different. I contacted all my friends and family and finally did my manifesto. I am fortunate to have such supportive parents who helped me in my manifesto and all my speeches. I also borrowed instruments from my friends to shoot for the video. And luckily it came out well when I put them together. I did minimal campaigning. 

I am so delighted and overwhelmed to have this post and excited to do my best!

By, Snigdha Belavadi, Grade 9A, Ekya JP Nagar

Posted by Ekya

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