Was it murder?

Obsidian night, in for a scare
As angry voices filled the air,
One was in fear, the other in despair 
And it is now, you must beware
A turn of events will appear 
And in your mind, it will be seared
“You don’t know what you did that day”
“You left me in the tears”
“And you made the nightmares appear”
“My happiness is no more” you’ll hear
A peaceful end, must you reckon
But not what this story beckons
For, in just a second
In the hand of the first man a weapon
The screeching of the second will make you see
The weeping of the first will make you feel
Until all is silent,
After a crash and a scream will reveal
The other person is no more
“No,” “no,” “NO” is all you hear
The first will claw at his hair 
For the weapon might be mere,
But the destruction is severe
“I was chocked” he will mutter
“The nail marks on my neck will show” he will mutter
“The feeling just stroke” he will defend
A thump on a wall and a stutter
The remorse will make him suffer
Now the resentment is more 
On you will the realisation dawn
Only you will know the truth
You will feel only Ruth 
But no one must you tell, 
The darkness that just befell
Just hush and go your way
Leave the man to his fate
Ignore the reason of this day
“I was never there” is all you will say
For only you know
That ‘she’ is no more

By Arshia Puri, Grade 8, EJPN

Posted by Ekya

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