“Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves.” a quote by Mahatma Gandhi is so relevant in the world we live in, more so during and after this pandemic. To bring change in the world, we must first change our perspectives, our thinking, and live to make a difference in our society, community, and the world at large.

The students of Grade 6 & 7 conducted the Virtual Assembly based on the theme “Exploring Empathy as Global Citizen, on 14th January 2022.
The students used this platform to highlight the urgent need for every person to contribute their part to make the world a better place by being a compassionate human beings. The Assembly commenced with a prayer sung by the children and a quote by Margaret Mead, to encourage global citizenship in students. Videos depicting the importance of being global citizens, the challenges which lie in front of us, the enormous possibilities to change the world, were shown. Students used this medium to depict the power that one person has to bring about a transformation,  as a citizen of this amazing world. The unimaginable effect that a single person can create, inspire and involve proactively, was depicted through the Poem “ The Power of One.

A PowerPoint presentation that was shared displayed the various ways in which children can bring about changes in their life, and surroundings which can impact the community, society, and the world around them. The effective results of keeping up the goals and resolutions as a citizen of the world, being kind, empathetic, helping out to the community, and volunteering were focused upon during the session with a video on “ Kindness is Contagious”.  In the end, students shared their opinions and goals as global citizens on a Padlet. The Virtual Assembly ended with the National Anthem.

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