One situation was unthinkable

This world was full of untouchables,

suffering from all trouble.

Getting hurt from all the rubble.


 Everyone thinks it is a big bubble,

through which no one can stumble.

This bubble was unreachable,

 Never desirable.


Why could no one understand,

That they also had two hands,

 Two legs, two eyes, one mouth,

But still they were denied throughout.


 These poor beings were dismissed,

 With no work no job they wished,

To feed their children,

And not let them rotten.


 Amongst these cruelties,

A few were born to renew opportunities,

 They fought the discrimination,

 And pursued education.


 Finally, they had obtained success,

They managed to ban this distress,

 Untouchables could enjoy freedom for the first time,

 And not live upon anyones rhyme.


 It is unbelievable,

that this world still has this puzzle,

Who dares to shuffle?

 And who dares to solve?

Posted by Ekya

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