As students, we need to constantly remind ourselves that our comfort zone should not be our one and only priority. We must be happy with what we have and should be able to compromise and work as a team with our friends, classmates, or anyone in that matter all alike. This is a lesson that impacts our future immensely and we as the students of Ekya realized this when we went on a trip to the hidden campsite in Channapatna.

Day 1

We had just reached the campsite at 9.30. we all sat down and got to know the campsite, its rules, its ideals, etc when we talked with the camp director Mr.K. Chandrashekhar Chowdaiah.(right)

 The camp director explained to us that we will have to show army-like ideals where we had to work hard for our food, show discipline, and report to our superiors with respect. After a healthy and fresh breakfast, we went to do the fun activity of zipline. It was an experience that I personally first underestimated but was scary and thrilling in the end. 

Next, we had to climb and perform a 7km trek which tested our endurance and will power. It was extremely slippery and several people got injured but the trek overall for me was a really fun and thrilling first experience.

After a tiring but fun morning, we had a fresh and good lunch. We next performed an activity that tested our balancing skills when we walked on the Tarzan/dharma bridge.

 We passed the rest of the day playing kabaddi and sitting by the campfire before we finally slept in our tents

Day 2

This day mainly included fun and team bonding activities. After breakfast, we performed 2 activities called bull’s eye, a game where we had to balance a tennis ball on a coil with 9 strings which we balanced as a team with our hands and pipeline, a game where we moved a marble along a pipeline as a single pipeline unit

We finally finished the activities of the day by doing rain dance before we rested, relaxed, and retired to our beds.

Day 3

After the camp director hosted dancing events and bid us goodbye, we had a delightful meal and checked out of the camp 

This trip taught us all that we should be happy with what we have and must be able to be tough and strong so that we can face environments out of our comfort zone.


Rohith Maiyya

Grade 7, Ekya JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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