Every single day, we are asked to do any kind of physical exercise, let it be playing outside, or stretching indoors. But have you ever wondered why and how stretching helps us?
Everything in the universe has Science behind it, which means it has a reason behind it. Flexibility does also have a Science behind it. When we stretch, we have multiple thoughts running in our mind, but do we ever wonder “What is the Science behind Flexibility?”. Well, that’s what this article is about!
When we stretch, we increase our flexibility and loosen up some of the stiff tissues present in our body; The body also changes water content in the bone that is being stretched. But, how does stretching help? Stretching improves our posture [how we sit or stand], helps reduce soreness of muscles, and, as said earlier, improves your flexibility. But, the impact of stretching can’t just be seen if you don’t hold it for long. Holding a stretch for long may make them part of your body that is stretched numb, or it may be in pain, but once you have a practice of holding it for long, it doesn’t hurt as much. Keeping a routine for stretching is also important because stretching just one day will not help in an increase in flexibility. So, how long should I stretch? Stretching for an average of 10 minutes per day and 6 days per week helps your flexibility improve; Stretching for more time in a day will not help improve the benefit of the stretch, but the frequency is what is important.
One question that always pops up in my mind is, Is there a way to get flexible faster? Based on research, yes, there is a way to get flexible faster! It is to be able to be numb to pain, or get adjusted to pain [not too much pain which can cause injury, but the sufficient pain], which makes your body used to the stretch.
If you still have the question, “Why should I stretch”. Here’s the explanation in simple words! Some parts of your body have stiff muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and by stretching, you loosen up these issues. Stretching even helps you in the growth of your body because when you stretch, you add length to muscle fibers in your body. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and… GET, SET and STRETCH! Have a happy stretching!

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